The best thing you can buy for cleaning grout, tiles, carpets, upholstery, etc. is indeed a steam cleaner. No detergent can achieve those excellent results you want like a steam cleaner can.

But choosing the right one can be challenging – we definitely recommend looking into handheld ones if you are going to use them around your home because they are easy to use and easy to carry around.

The best handheld steamers have different spray nozzle options so that you can change the pressure levels depending on the surface you are cleaning.


4 Best Handheld Steam Cleaners Our Team Recommends To You

– Bissell SteamShot 39N7V Steam Cleaner

A multipurpose steam cleaner we recommend is the Bissell SteamShot 39N7V Steam Cleaner. You can control the amount of steam that comes out of it due to the trigger and it comes with seven cleaning tools

This machine is great for cleaning toilets, kitchen appliances, and other areas of your home that accumulate germs.

Some of the tools that come with the steamer include scrubbing brushes and flat scrapers suitable for removing stains and burnt food from stovetops and a grout tool for tiles.

We listed all the pros, however, this steamer does have one con – the steam doesn’t come out as hot as others so if you have pets, this might be a problem since it won’t be able to remove 100% of the bacteria.


– Comforday 350ml Steam Cleaner

Another great machine is the Comforday 350ml Steam Cleaner. We love that it comes with a lot of accessories such as a window tool for cleaning glass and windows, a tool for cleaning stovetops, brushes for kitchen surfaces and appliances, a cloth steamer for fabrics, and much more.

Unlike our first option, this machine is able to produce very hot steam – up to 270°F, making it perfect for dog owners.

If you have a kid, don’t worry because it has a child lock and safety cap.

The downfall is that it has only a 350ml tank – and some consider this small, however, we still think that it’s enough for small cleaning projects.


– Mosche 350ml Steam Cleaner

Another excellent steamer that produces very hot steam making it able to eliminate all of the accumulated bacteria is the Mosche 350ml Steam Cleaner. It also immediately loosens up grease and even stains.

This machine heats up in just 3 minutes. It comes with a tool for cleaning glass, and a fabric steamer suitable not only for clothes, carpets, and upholstery but also for your car.


– Vapamore Amico MR-75 Steam Cleaner

The Vapamore Amico MR-75 Steam Cleaner is the most lightweight one on our list – just 3 pounds, making it the most comfortable steam cleaner to use out of all of them.

Just like the rest, it produces a very hot steam that eliminates all impurities, grime, stains, and germs which is exactly what a steamer is supposed to do.

The Vapamore Amico MR-75 Steam Cleaner comes with plenty of tools so you can cover just about any surface in your home or even car with it without any issues. It even comes with a squeegee so you can clean your windows like a professional.

Unfortunately, it does take a very long time to cool down once you are done using it so if you are planning on using and refilling it more than once in the period of an hour, it might not be the right machine for you. Otherwise, it is a great tool to have around your home and we do recommend it if you don’t mind the cooling down period.