Today, our team has decided to finally share their favourite burger places in Barkingside that you are going to fall in love with due to the delicious burgers they offer.


Our esteemed team has taken it upon themselves to partake in the search for the most superlative burger joints in Barkingside, and lo, they have brought forth unto us their findings, namely, the top four establishments which they deem to be the finest purveyors of said meaty delicacies.

Best BBQ

We do want to start off today’s list with a very simple and casual Turkish kebab takeaway restaurant that does also offer burgers. This place is perfect if you want a quick lunch or dinner to enjoy at home. Of course, they also have a dine-in area but it is on the smaller side.

When it comes to their menu, you will find not only burgers and Turkish kebabs – the menu feels like a high-end restaurant. They offer homemade pizzas, Turkish cold and hot starters, and much more. We won’t go into details about all of their food, however, it is worth trying because it’s well-made and very tasty.

All of their burgers are served with fries and a salad. When you order, you will also get to choose what sauces you want on your burger. And with that being said, we really enjoy their Half Pounder, Chicken Burger, and Quarter Pounder Burger. They also have a Vegetarian Burger.

Address: 109A High St, Ilford IG6 2AH


The Chequers

If you like going to pubs then The Chequers is the place for you. With a lovely interior, excellent service, delicious food, and an impressive selection of beers, wines, and other drinks, this might become your newest favourite spot for lunch and dinner.

On their menu, they have six different burgers – something for everyone’s taste. We really enjoy their Cheese & Bacon Burger (beef patty, cheese, bacon, burger sauce, lettuce, tomato, red onion, a side of burger relish, and chips), their Buttermilk Fried Chicken (two fried chicken fillets, BBQ sauce, cheese, burger sauce, lettuce, tomato, red onion, a side of burger relish, chips), the Desperados Nacho Burger (beef patty, chilli, tortilla chips, spicy cheese sauce, lettuce, tomato, red onion, and a side of cajun spiced chips, spicy cheese sauce, spring onions), and their Flamin’ Hot Burger (beef patty, pulled pork, cheese, jalapenos, burger sauce, lettuce, tomato, red onion, a side of burger relish, chips).

If you don’t eat meat then they have an excellent option for you – Garden Gourmet Burger (with a patty made from beetroot, carrot, and bell peppers with caramelised red onion chutney, lettuce, tomato, red onion).

Address: 2 High St, Ilford IG6 2DD


Dannys Pie & Mash

An excellent place to visit if you love burgers is Dannys Pie & Mash. It’s a very casual eatery – and the interior is nothing special, however, the menu is very impressive and the food is super tasty so it’s worth visiting.

We usually go for their Big Brunch Burger (two beef patties, bacon, cheese, eggs, lettuce, tomatoes, burger sauce), their Chicken Burger (with lettuce and mayo) as well as their Quarter Pounder Burger with Cheese (+ lettuce, tomatoes, burger sauce).

Address: 100 High St, Ilford IG6 2DR


Spice Hut Barkingside

Spice Hut is a very casual Indian takeaway restaurant. Of course, they also have a dine-in area but it’s relatively small. And despite them not being focused on the interior, you should still try out their food because this is what is the star of the show. They have a great menu and all of their food is incredible – so Spice Hut might easily become your go-to spot for burgers, wraps, Turkish doners, kebabs, and also excellent Indian food such as Biriyani, Masala, Balti, etc.

Of course, we will focus on their burgers but do keep in mind that they have plenty of other options for you.

Their burgers are classic and simple – for example, a Chicken Fillet Burger, a Cheese Burger, Half Pounder, and Bean Burgers for vegans and vegetarians.

Address: 38 High St, Ilford IG6 2DQ