Enjoy the most delicious burgers in Cannon Street after checking which restaurants in the area are worth visiting.


If one is in search of a savory patty betwixt two buns, one should venture to Cannon Street posthaste! Our esteemed team of cleaners hath scoured the land to bring thee the finest emporiums serving these culinary delights.

Bleecker Bloomberg

One of our favourite burger restaurants in Cannon Street is Bleecker Bloomberg – and we are certain you are going to love it as much as we do. It’s casual – with an interesting menu, excellent service, and incredible burgers.

Enjoy their Double Cheeseburger (two beef patties, two cheese slices, onions, burger sauce), the Blue Burger (beef patty, blue cheese, onions, lettuce, burger sauce), and the Vegetarian Symplicity Burger if you don’t eat meat (it has 10-days fermented deep-fried vegetable patty, American cheese, onion, lettuce, burger sauce).

We also highly recommend their fries – the Angry Fries (with hot sauce and blue cheese sauce) and the House Fries (with special homemade sauce).

Address: 16 Bloomberg Arcade, London EC4N 8AR


The Sir John Hawkshaw

The next favourite spot of ours for burgers in Cannon Street is The Sir John Hawkshaw – a lovely casual restaurant with great service, super friendly staff, and an excellent menu.

Try out their American Burger (with beef patty, red onion, pickles, ketchup, American-styled mustard), the Grilled Chicken Breast Burger, and the Classic Beef Burger (beef patty, lettuce, tomato, red onion).

Address: Cannon Street Station, Cannon Street, London EC4N 6AP


Gordon Ramsay Street Burger

Of course, we can’t make a list of the best burger places in an area that has a Gordon Ramsay restaurant, right? If you want an experience and a gourmet burger then Gordon Ramsay Street Burger is the spot to visit in Cannon Street.

We highly recommend their Next Level Burger (two beef patties, American cheese, red onion, sriracha mayonnaise), the Hell’s Kitchen Burger (beef patty, jalapeño & Padron salsa, smoked sriracha sauce, smoked cheese), the J.F.C Burger (fried chicken, chili-spiced buttermilk chicken, hash brown, iceberg, jfc sauce), and the Where’s the Lamb Burger (lamb patty, mint yogurt, roasted piquillo peppers).

If you don’t eat meat, go for their Butternut Bhaji Burger (butternut squash and courgette patty, masala, mango chutney, coriander, mint yogurt) or the Not So Simple Burger (mushroom patty, vegan cheese, house relish, salad).

Address: One New Change, 17 Upper, Cheapside, London EC2V 6AG


Harry’s Bar & Dining Room

And last but not least on our list is Harry’s Bar & Dining Room – a stunning restaurant with a sophisticated interior, excellent service, and great food. This spot is perfect for special occasions because dining there is an experience.

Now, they do indeed only have one burger on their menu – the Deluxe Homemade Beef Burger (with Smoked Bacon, Melted Cheese, relish, gherkins, and hand-cut chips), however, it is one of our favourite burgers in Cannon Street so we couldn’t miss on featuring Harry’s Bar & Dining Room today.

Address: 5 Abchurch Yard, London EC4N 7BA