Are you wondering which restaurants in Clapham offer the most delicious burgers? Then keep on reading because our team has created a list of the 4 best burger spots in the area that you can visit.


According to our team, there are four excellent burger places in Clapham that we highly recommend.

Butchies Clapham High Street

Butchies Clapham High Street is heaven for all chicken burger lovers. They offer absolutely incredible gourmet burgers packed with flavour, interesting ingredients, and the most delicious fried chicken in Clapham.

You can’t go wrong with their Jenny From The Block Burger (with fried chicken, Guacamole, chipotle mayo, smoked bacon), the BBQ B-Boy (fried chicken, homemade BBQ sauce, homemade pickles, slaw, smoked bacon), the
Buffalo Burger (fried chicken, homemade Pickles, Blue Cheese Ranch, Buffalo Sauce), and the Cheesy Rider (fried chicken, Cheese sauce, homemade pickles, buffalo sauce).

Address: 122 Clapham High St, London SW4 7TB


Bird and Tie

Next on our list is Bird and Tie – another place to visit if you love chicken burgers. Their fried chicken is incredible which makes their burgers so delicious. If you prefer beef burgers then skip to the next restaurant on our list because Bird and Tie offers only chicken ones.

Check out their Nashville Hot Burger (fried hot chicken, pickles, pink sauce), The Classic Burger (fried chicken, lettuce, pickles, mayo), and the Cheesy Nash (fried hot chicken, American cheese, pickles, pink sauce).

We also really like their desserts – the Churros and the Fried Apple Pie are our favourites.

Address: 3 The Pavement, London SW4 0HY


The Belle Vue

Now it’s time for a restaurant that offers delicious beef burgers – The Belle Vue. This place has a vibrant and beautiful interior, an excellent menu, and friendly staff. We highly recommend you visit if you haven’t already.

You can never go wrong with their Bacon Cheese Burger (beef patty, lettuce, tomato, red onion, pickles, cheese, bacon), the Ted’s Chicken Burger (fried chicken, cheese, homemade slaw, homemade special sauce), and the Ted’s Big Brisket Burger (beef patty, lettuce, tomato, red onion, pickles, cheese, slow-cooked brisket, BBQ sauce).

Address: 1 Clapham Common South Side, London SW4 7AA


Haché Clapham

Can we make a list of the best burger places in an area that has Haché? No, we can’t. This is why we are featuring one of our favourite chain restaurants in today’s list – Haché Clapham. We love the interior, the food, the menu, and just about everything else about this restaurant.

We recommend their Chicken Malibu Burger (with cheddar cheese, smoked bacon, avocado, mustard mayo, lettuce, tomato, red onion), the Steak Cheeseburger (beef patty, cheddar or Roquefort cheese, mustard mayo, tomato, red onion, rocket), the Steak Le Fume Burger (beef patty, caramelised onions, smoked bacon, cheese, Green Goddess slaw, bloody Marie ketchup), and the Steak Canadien Burger (beef patty, cheddar cheese, maple bacon jam, smoked bacon, mustard mayo, tomato, red onion, rocket).

If you don’t eat meat then check out their Secret Garden Burger (fried plant-based patty, portobello mushroom, spicy peanut sauce, avocado, sesame seeds), the Symple Truffle burger (plant-based patty, Bloody Mary ketchup, caramelised onions, pea shoots, truffle shavings, truffle and black pepper sauce), and the Symple Naturel Burger (plant-based patty, mustard mayo, tomato, rocket, red onion).

Address: 153 Clapham High St, London SW4 7SS