If you love burgers and you live in Collier Row then you know that finding a good burger joint can be challenging. This is why our team decided to share all of their favourite places in the area that do serve delicious burgers.


Our team has identified four top-notch burger joints in Collier Row.

12th Street Burgers

One of our favourite burger places in Collier Row is 12th Street Burgers. This is an over-the-counter restaurant so it’s casual. The interior of the venue is of American diners – and we love that. Their menu is also very impressive and the food they serve is divine.

When it comes to their burgers, you can never go wrong with their 12th Street Burger (two beef patties, American cheese, gherkins, 12th St special sauce, cheesy sauce), the Bang Burger (two beef patties, American cheese, red onions, lettuce, tomato, ketchup, gherkin, mayo, mustard, cheesy sauce), the Chipotle Cheeseburger (two beef patties, cheddar cheese, fresh red onions, lettuce, tomato, chipotle sauce, cheesy sauce), and the Greek Melt Burger (two beef patties, grilled halloumi cheese, lettuce, chili jam sauce).

If you love chicken burgers then try out their Buffalo Chicken Burger (two fried chicken fillets, buffalo sauce, lettuce), the Smokey BBQ Chicken Burger (two fried chicken fillets, lettuce, smokey BBQ sauce, tomato, American cheese, cheesy sauce), and the 12th St Crispy Chicken Club (two fried chicken fillets, lamb rasher, cool mayo, tomato, smokey BBQ sauce).

Address: 4 Collier Row Rd, Romford RM5 3NX


Aspen Tree

Next on our list is Aspen Tree – a popular pub in the area that you are going to love if you haven’t visited it already. It’s a classic pub with a rustic interior, an impressive menu, and delicious food.

We recommend the Double Daddy Burger (two beef patties, cheese, bacon, BBQ pulled pork, onion rings, jalapenos, homemade burger sauce, served with a salad and corn), the Hot Mamma Burger (two fried chicken fillets, cheese, bacon, Piri Piri sauce, onion rings, homemade burger sauce, jalapenos, served with a salad and corn), and the Bacon and Cheese Burger (beef patty, bacon, cheese, homemade burger sauce, served with a salad and corn).

Address: Gobions Ave, Collier Row, Romford RM5 3SP


Alan’s Fish Bar

Next on our list is a takeout restaurant – Alan’s Fish Bar, where you will find not only delicious burgers but also wraps, wings, kebabs, pies, fried chicken, sausages, and other incredible options for lunch and dinner.

Their burgers are focused on the meat, therefore, they are very simple and have little toppings. And even though they aren’t gourmet, we find them very tasty and well-made. For example, they offer a Beef Burger, Double Cheese Burger, Chicken Fillet Burger, and our personal favourite – Lamb Doner Burger.

Address: 248 Collier Row Ln, Romford RM5 3JB


Nikita Burgers And Grill

And next on our list, we have another takeaway restaurant that you have to try – Nikita Burgers And Grill. The prices are affordable, the food is delicious and prepared with quality ingredients and juicy meat, and the staff is friendly.

We recommend the Grilled Chicken Burger (with lettuce, mayo, cucumber, and tomatoes), the Maxi Burger (beef patty, egg, bacon, cheese, lettuce, tomato, ketchup), the Meety Burger (two beef patties, bacon, two sausages, mayo, chips), and the Nikita Special Burger (two beef patties, two fried eggs, bacon, sausage, cheese, onion rings, chips).

Address: 248 Collier Row Ln, Romford RM5 3JB