Check out which burger places in Eltham are favourites of our team and visit them when you are craving a delicious gourmet burger!


Eltham GPO

Eltham GPO is one of our favourite restaurants in Eltham in general – and they just so happen to offer burgers which are delicious as well so we had to feature them on our list today.

Because they are a pub rather than a burger place, they do only have three burgers on their menu, however, they are different and very tasty so no matter if you eat meat or not, you will be able to order. First, they have a
Portobello cheeseburger which comes with a beef patty, portobello mushroom, burger mayo, pickles, and fries. Their second burger is their Korean fried chicken burger which comes with a burger sauce, mayo, lettuce, and fries. And if you don’t eat meat, they have a vegan “Moving mountain burger| which comes with a plant-based patty, vegan cheese, vegan mayo, and fries.

Address: 4 Passey Pl, London SE9 5DQ


The Rising Sun

Next on our list is another favourite pub of ours – The Rising Sun. And yes, they do have excellent burgers you will fall in love with!

We recommend their Cheese and Bacon Burger (beef patty, smoked bacon, vintage Cheddar, lettuce, coleslaw, fries, onion rings, house relish) and their Katsu Chicken Burger (Buttermilk fried chicken, katsu curry sauce, coriander, spring onion, red chilli, fries, onion rings, house relish).

If you are vegan, they have a Beyond Meat Burger with a plant-based patty, smoky BBQ red onions, vegan cheese, lettuce, coleslaw, fries, and house relish).

Address: 189-191 Eltham High St, London SE9 1TS


Delicio Cafe Brasserie

You can never go wrong with Delicio Cafe Brasserie and their burgers which are divine. We love this place and the interior, the friendly staff, the excellent service, and the delicious food which is why we highly recommend you visit!

Our favourite burgers off of their menu are the 8oz Aberdeen Angus Burger (handmade beef patty, pickles, lettuce, onions), the Big D Angus Burger (beef patty, onion rings, crispy bacon, mushrooms, mozzarella cheese, bbq sauce, pickles, lettuce, onions), and the Southern Fried Chicken Fillet Angus Burger which does indeed both come with a beef patty and fried chicken.

If you don’t eat meat, check out their Portobello Burger (Grilled portobello mushroom, halloumi cheese, lettuce, tomato, homemade chilli mayonnaise, pickles, lettuce, onions) or the Bean Angus Burger (spicy bean patty, red onion, tomato, vegan mayonnaise, pickles, lettuce).

Address: 116 Eltham High St, London SE9 1BW


Harvester Falcon Eltham

And last but not least on our list is yet another favourite restaurant of ours – Harvester Falcon Eltham. Their menu is diverse and features a lot of unique and delicious options but, of course, we will focus on their burgers.

We recommend their Dirty Bird Combo (fried chicken, onion rings, bacon, hash brown, cheese sauce, BBQ sauce, lettuce, tomato, served with BBQ-glazed ribs, chips, and burger sauce dip), the Southern-Fries (fried chicken, Monterey Jack cheese, bacon, BBQ sauce, burger sauce dip), the BBQ King (beef patty, BBQ pulled pork, Monterey Jack cheese, burger sauce), and The Dirty One (beef patty, fried onion nest, hash brown, cheese sauce, BBQ sauce, burger sauce dip).

If you don’t eat meat, go for their Beyond Dirty (plant-based patty, onion nest, hash brown, vegan cheese, BBQ sauce, burger sauce dip), the Hallo-Me (grilled sweet chilli halloumi, red onion chutney, roasted mushrooms, garlic mayo, tomato salsa dip), and the Nacho Bean (spicy chipotle bean patty, vegan cheese, tomato salsa, guacamole, tortilla chips, jalapeños, lettuce, tomato, served with chips + a tomato & smoked paprika dip).

Address: Lingfield Cres, London SE9 2RN