Check out which burger places in Gipsy Hill are favourites of our team and pick where you will enjoy your next lunch or dinner at because all of these spots offer amazing burgers!


The Paxton

First on our list is The Paxton – a well-known restaurant in Gipsy Hill that our team really enjoys visiting because of their excellent service, great menu, delicious burgers, and also amazing drinks.

Now, they do only serve chicken burgers so if you prefer classic beef burgers then this is not the place for you. If you, however, really like burgers with fried chicken then you will love The Paxton.

Check out their Clasica (fried chicken, American cheese, mayo, pickles, coleslaw, fries), the Buffanero (fried chicken, Buffalo sauce, Habanero sauce, coleslaw, pickles, fries), the Choriburger (fried chicken, chorizo, cheese sauce, habanero mayo, coleslaw, pickles, fries), and their Guava Glazed Burger (fried chicken with a special guava glaze, American cheese, bacon, habanero mayo, coleslaw, pickles, fries).

Address: 255 Gipsy Rd, Norwood, London SE27 9QY


The Great Southern Pub

Next on our list is an incredible pub that you have probably visited since it’s quite popular – The Great Southern Pub. The venue is casual and cosy, the staff is friendly, the food is delicious – and all of these things make this pub so… great! Keep in mind, however, that on Mondays they are closed!

They have three burgers on their menu – one with beef, one with chicken, and one plant-based. First one is the Classic Beef Burger and it comes with burger sauce, lettuce, onion, pickles, and fries. The second is a Panko Buttermilk Chicken Burger which has fries chicken, burger sauce, lettuce, onion, pickles, and fries. And the vegan option has a beyond meat patty, ketchup, vegan mayo, lettuce, onion, pickles, and fries!

Address: 79 Gipsy Hill, Norwood, London SE19 1QH


Roti Brothers

If you don’t want to visit a pub or a restaurant and you are looking for a really casual burger place in the area then Roti Brothers is for you. After all, it doesn’t get any more casual than a food truck, right?

We highly recommend their Devilled Dirty Bros (beef patty, BBQ chilli sauce, spiced garlic mayo, lettuce, tomato, homemade pickles, balsamic red onions, jalapeños, and American cheese), the Marinated Buttermilk Buffalo Chicken Burger (with a sweet chilli glaze, pesto, chimichurri sauce, lettuce), the Roti Bros Signature Cheeseburger (beef patty, burger sauce, lettuce, tomato, homemade pickles, balsamic red onions, American cheese), the Cuatro Quesos (beef patty, Stilton, Mozzarella cheese, Monterey Jack, American cheeses, lettuce, caramelised red onions, homemade pickle, spiced garlic mayo), the Bro’s BBQ pulled pork burger (pulled pork, homemade BBQ sauce, red onions, spiced garlic mayo, lettuce, homemade coleslaw, melted cheddar), and the Bro’s Nightmare Burger if you like spicy food (beef patty, black aioli sauce, tomato, homemade pickle, caramelised red onions, cheddar cheese, onion rings, cayenne chilli, fresh Carolina Reaper paste).

Address: Victory Pl, London SE19 3RW


Memory Box Palace

Last on our list is another favourite burger spot of ours in the area – Memory Box Palace. Technically, this is a bar rather than a restaurant, however, they do have an excellent menu and they do serve divine burgers so why not enjoy a nice drink with your burger?

Check out their Buttermilk Chicken Burger which is our favourite (+ lettuce, tomato, onion chutney, burger sauce) – and if you don’t eat meat, go for the Memory Box Burger (plant-based patty, lettuce, tomato, onion chutney, pickles, burger sauce).

Address: 66 Westow Hill, London SE19 1RX