Those of you that live in Hayes and love burgers have to check out this list that our team has made where they have gathered all of their favourite burger places in the area!

4 Of The Best Burger Places In Hayes According To Our Team


Loaded Gourmet Burgers

Of course, we can’t make a list with all of the best burger places in Hayes and not mention Loaded Gourmet Burgers, right? It’s a pretty popular American restaurant where you will find some of the most delicious burgers in the area. On top of that, they have other American comfort foods such as Chicken Wings and Fries.

Which burgers are our favourites? Definitely the Machete Burns Burge (beef patty, cheese, caramelised onions, lettuce, tomato, grilled peppers, jalapenos, sliced chillies, onions, chipotle mayo, hot sauce), the Big Bird (with buttermilk chicken fillet, ranch sauce, spicy coleslaw), the Americana Burger (two beef patties, cheese, grilled onions, gherkins, mustard, ketchup), and the Katsu Chicken Burger (fried chicken, Katsu curry sauce, aioli sauce, rocket salad, tomato, sweet potato)!

And don’t forget to order a milkshake with your burger – they have a huge selection such as Oreo Milkshake and even a Kit Kat Milkshake!

Address: 4 Vantage Building, High Point Village, Station Approach, Hayes UB3 4BQ



Another favourite burger place of ours located in Hayes is Mazaa. On their menu, you will find it all – from beef and chicken burgers to even burgers with lamb!

If you love the classic beef patty, go for The Rancho (with Mustard, Melted Cheese, Caramelized Onions, BBQ Sauce, Lettuce, Fried Onions), The Mexican (with Melted Cheese, House Mayo, Hot Salsa, Jalapenos, Tortilla Chips, Salad), or El Guacamole (with Guacamole, Cheese, Lettuce, Mayo).

If you are a fan of chicken burgers then you will love the Mazaa Chicken Burger (with Grilled Chicken Breast marinated in spices, Garlic Mayo, Burger Sauce, a Salad) or the Royal Mazaa Burger (with marinated chicken breast, Guacamole, Melted cheese, Jalapenos, Garlic Mayo, a Salad).

And in case you want to try their lamb burgers, go for The Hot Lamb (with hot sauce, jalapenos, cheddar cheese, garlic mayo, and a salad).

Address: 63 Coldharbour Ln, Hayes UB3 3EE



The next restaurant on our list is in fact a steak house that was established in 1974. They are so successful that now they have over 140 restaurants in the UK – and people love them! Of course, the fact that they are known for their steaks doesn’t mean that they don’t have other things on the menu – it just so happens that they offer some of the best burgers in Hayes!

Our favourites are The Double Crunch (two chicken breasts, oak-smoked bacon, BBQ sauce, lettuce, sliced tomatoes, red onion, house slaw) and The Big Dipper (two beef patties, pulled beef, Cheddar cheese, bacon, burger sauce, tomatoes, red onion, served with fries, house slaw, gravy).

But if you don’t eat meat, go for The Hallo-Me which has grilled halloumi, mushroom, red peppers, avocado, mayonnaise, lettuce, sliced tomatoes, and red onion.

Their desserts are just as impressive as their burgers – for example, the Apple & Blackberry Crumble (apples, blackberries, oaty crumble, and vanilla ice cream as well as the Sticky Toffee Pudding!

Address: Millington Rd, Hayes UB3 4AZ


Hayes Kebabs

And last but not least is a Kebab place where you will find delicious yet simple burgers as well as a lot of doners and kebabs. We really love their wraps – especially the Doner Wrap with chicken as well as the Kofta Wrap.

Try their Chicken Burger, 1/4 Pounder Burger, and the Cheese Burger. If you don’t eat meat then they also have vegan and vegetarian options.

Address: 614 Uxbridge Rd, Hayes UB4 0RY