If you love burgers then you are going to enjoy this list our team created for you where they share all of their favourite burger places in Hitchin that not only offer delicious food but excellent service!

4 Of The Best Burger Places In Hitchin You Must Visit


Cafe 77 Hitchin

First on our list is a lovely restaurant offering some of the best burgers in Hitchin that you can try – Cafe 77! We love the interior, the friendly staff, and the impressive menu which is why we recommend you visit whenever you are craving a delicious burger!

We usually get the Classic Hamburger (with two beef patties, burger sauce, lettuce, and tomato), the Chilli cheese Burger (two beef patties, American cheese, Mexican cheese, Chipotle sauce, jalapenos), the BBQ Pulled Pork Burger (two beef patties, American cheese, BBQ pulled pork, BBQ sauce), and the Bacon Cheese Burger (two beef patties, American cheese, bacon, special sauce).

On their menu, you will also find incredible hot dogs which we love – especially the Cheese Dog (smoked pork, cheese, onions, mustard, ketchup) and the BBQ Pulled Pork Dog (with smoked pork, BBQ pulled pork, BBQ sauce, onions).

Address: 103 Bancroft, Hitchin SG5 1NB


Hermitage Rd Bar and Restaurant Hitchin

Next on our list happens to be one of our favourite restaurants in general – and they also offer delicious burgers which is why we decided to feature them on our list. Hermitage is a Mediterranean restaurant with a beautiful venue and excellent service. Dining there is an incredible experience and we recommend you visit as soon as possible.

But before we tell you more about their burgers, we have to talk about their starters – especially the Salt & Pepper Squid (with yuzu aioli, sesame, red chilli flakes), the Maple & Five-Spice BBQ Glazed Cauliflower (with aioli & onions), and the Grilled King Prawns (served with toast, nduja, garlic, parsley).

Our favourite burgers off of their menu are the Beef Burger (with dry-aged beef patty, dijon mayo, caramelised onion, chutney, bacon, applewood smoked cheddar) and the Chicken Burger (with buttermilk fried chicken, coriander & lime mayo, jalapeno ketchup, lettuce, pickles). All burgers are also served with fries and slaw.

If you don’t eat meat then go for the burger with BBQ pulled jackfruit, avocado, halloumi cheese, and spinach.

Address: 20-21 Hermitage Rd, Hitchin SG5 1BT


Granello Lounge

Another beautiful restaurant in Hitchin that deserves to be visited is Granello Lounge – beautiful interior, excellent service, and delicious food including gourmet burgers!

We recommend their Ultimate Chicken Burger (with buttermilk fried chicken, smoked bacon, American cheese, fried red onion, rocket, tomato, garlic mayo, two hash browns, BBQ sauce), the Chicken, Bacon & Avocado Burger (with marinated grilled chicken, smoked bacon, avocado, red onion, tomato, lettuce, garlic mayo, burger sauce), and the Lounge Bacon Cheeseburger (with beef patty, lettuce, tomato, red onion, gherkin, American cheese, smoked bacon, burger sauce).

They also have options for vegans and vegetarians – the Beyond Cheese Burger (with a plant-based patty, lettuce, tomato, pickled red onion, vegan smoked gouda cheese, chipotle mayo) and the Halloumi Burger (with grilled halloumi cheese, hummus, flame-roasted peppers, tomato, red onion, chipotle chilli jam).

Address: 21 Brand St, Hitchin SG5 1JE


Chicken George Jnr

And last but not least on our list is Chicken George Jnr – the place to visit if you are a chicken lover! Their entire menu is filled with burgers, fried chicken, wings, wraps, and even chicken on the bone.

When it comes to their burgers, we recommend their Biggie’s Buffalo
American (with fried chicken fillet, buffalo sauce, blue cheese mayo, lettuce), the Double Bacon BBQ Cheese (with fried chicken fillets, double American sliced cheese, honey BBQ sauce, smoked bacon, peri peri mayonnaise, lettuce), and the Biggy Mac Tower (fried chicken fillet, hash brown, special sauce, lettuce, onion, pickles, American cheese).

Address: 107 Bancroft, Hitchin SG5 1NB