Check out which burger restaurants in Malden Rushett are favourites of our team – and decide which spot to pick for lunch or dinner!


4 Of The Best Burger Places In Malden Rushett You Should Visit

The Star

First on our list is The Star – a beautiful pub with a rustic design, excellent service, and an incredible menu.

When it comes to their burgers, we love the Pig & Cheese Burger (beef patty, bacon, melting cheddar, burger sauce, tomato, lettuce, red onion, gherkin), the Mexican Hot Burger (beef patty, Cheddar, jalapeños, hot sauce, tomato, lettuce, red onion, gherkin, burger sauce), and the BBQ Chicken, Bacon & Cheese Burger (chargrilled chicken, BBQ sauce, burger sauce, tomato, lettuce, red onion, gherkin).

Address: Kingston Rd, Leatherhead KT22 0DP


Monkey Puzzle

Another pub on our list that we love visiting due to their incredible menu and tasty burgers is Monkey Puzzle.

We like their burgers but what we like even more is that you can make your own burger. Yes, you can choose the protein, the toppings, the sauces, etc. This means that no matter how picky of an eater you are, you will still enjoy an incredible burger made just for your taste!

Address: Leatherhead Rd, Chessington KT9 2NE


Farm Fresh Burgers & Shakes

Next on our list is Farm Fresh Burgers & Shakes – a burger restaurant that is casual and has a big menu packed with gourmet burgers that are so tasty, they will change your life!

Check out the Farm Fresh Burger (beef patty, lettuce, tomato, caramelized onions, special sauce, cheese, onion rings), the Crispy Legend Burger (beef patty, hash browns, turkey bacon, cheese, red onions, lettuce, homemade burger sauce), the OX Cheek Burger (beef patty, slow-cooked OX cheek, Red Onions, Lettuce, Pickles, Chipotle Mayo, American Cheese), and the Beauty and The Beast Burger (beef patty, Lettuce, Salsa, Red Onions, Cheese, Avocado) if you like beef burgers.

If you want a chicken burger then go for the Fried Chicken Fillet Burger (fried chicken, mayo, lettuce, pickles, ketchup) or the BBQ Chicken Burger (grilled chicken, caramelized onions, BBQ sauce, spinach, tomato, cheese).

Address: 15 Penrhyn Rd, Kingston upon Thames KT1 2BZ


The Shy Horse

And last but not least on our list is The Shy Horse – a stunning pub with a beautiful venue, excellent service, delicious food, and an impressive menu. What more could you want?

Go for their Signature Burger (beef patty, maple-glazed beef brisket, streaky bacon, mayo, smoked Cheddar, cheese sauce) – or the Ouster Mushroom Burger if you don’t eat meat (mushroom, cheese, lettuce, tomato, burger sauce, fries).

Address: 423 Leatherhead Rd, Chessington KT9 2NQ