For those of you that love burgers, check out this list that our team made where they share all of their favourite burger places in Stevenage with you!

4 Of The Best Burger Places In Stevenage You Must Visit


The Burger Box

One of our favourite burger restaurants in Stevenage is definitely The Burger Box – a casual place that offers some of the most delicious burgers in the area.

If you eat beef burgers then go for the Cheeseburger (beef patty, cheese, diced red onions, pickles, mustard, ketchup), the Brunch Burger (beef patty, cheese, fried egg, ketchup, lettuce, onion, bacon), the High Tower (beef patty, coleslaw, onion rings, lettuce, cheese, hash brown, garlic mayo), or The Mexican (beef patty, lettuce, cheese, spicy salsa, jalapeno, chipotle sauce).

If, however, you prefer chicken burgers, we recommend the Chicken and Halloumi Burger (chicken steak, grilled halloumi, lettuce, mayo, and sweet chilli) or the BBQ Deluxe (chicken, BBQ sauce, red onions, lettuce, cheese, bacon).

Address: 11 Baker St, Stevenage SG1 3AL



Another burger place that we recommend you visit is Firejacks – stunning venue, impressive menu, delicious burgers, excellent service, and friendly staff.

But before we talk more about their burgers, we will focus on their starters. You have to try the Cheesy Garlic Bread, the Chilli Tossed Calamari, the Buffalo Sauce Wings, and the Katsu Cauliflower Bites.

Our favourite burgers off of their menu are the Bacon & Cheese Burger (with special burger sauce), the Steak Jacker Burger (beef patty, strips of steak, Monterey jack cheese, gherkins, lettuce, burger sauce, mayo), the Red Hot Chilli Pork Burger (beef patty, cheese, chilli pulled pork, red slaw, spicy tomato salsa), and The K Jacker Burger (Korean-style fried chicken, spicy BBQ sauce, garlic aioli, Asian slaw).

For dessert, go for their Crunchy Sticky Toffee Pudding or the Mini Doughnuts with banana, chocolate, and caramel.

Address: Unit 13, Leisure Park, Six Hills Way, Stevenage SG1 2UA


Harvester – Roaring Meg

The next beautiful restaurant in Stevenage that we recommend you visit if you enjoy burgers is Roaring Meg.

We highly recommend trying the Dirty Bird Combo (fried chicken breast, crispy onion rings, bacon, hash brown, cheese sauce, BBQ sauce, BBQ-glazed ribs, burger sauce), The Southern-Fried Burger (southern-fried chicken breast, Monterey Jack cheese, bacon, BBQ sauce, burger sauce), the BBQ King (beef patty, BBQ pulled pork, Monterey Jack cheese, burger sauce), and the Dirty One (beef patty, fried onions, hash brown, cheese sauce, burger sauce).

Address: Roaring Meg Retail Park, London Rd, Stevenage SG1 1XN


Coreys Mill Beefeater

And last but definitely not least on our list is Coreys Mill Beefeater – a Steak house with a stunning modern interior, excellent service, and, of course, delicious burgers that are worth trying.

And even though their steaks are the star of the show and the reason why people visit Coreys Mill Beefeater, their burgers are just as good. We highly recommend The Double Crunch (chicken breast, oak-smoked bacon, special sauce, lettuce, tomatoes, red onion, house slaw, fries), The Big Dipper (2 beef patties, pulled beef, Cheddar cheese, oak-smoked bacon, burger sauce, tomatoes, red onion, fries, house slaw, a pot of gravy), The Chick ‘N’ Grill (BBQ glazed chicken breast, bacon, burger sauce, lettuce, tomatoes, red onion, fries, house slaw).

For dessert, go for their Apple & Blackberry Crumble, Chocolate Churros, or the New York Cheesecake.

Address: Coreys Mill Ln, Stevenage SG1 4AA