There are so many incredible places in Upminster that do offer burgers on their menu which are delicious, however, most people don’t know them because they aren’t specifically a burger place but a pub with a lot of other options on their menu.

This is why our team has decided to share all of their favourite restaurants in Upminster that do offer burgers that are super tasty so that you know exactly where to go when you are craving a good gourmet burger!

Crumpled Horn

First on our list is Crumpled Horn – a lovely little pub with an impressive menu, excellent service, and, of course, delicious burgers you have to try! It’s a pretty popular place in Upminster which is why you have probably already been there.

But before we focus on their burgers we want to walk a bit about their other dishes especially the vegan ones – super creative, unique, and tasty. For example, you need to try the Lentil and Butternut Lasagne (soya mince, lentils, tomato sauce, pasta sheets, vegan béchamel sauce,
butternut squash, cauliflower, served with garlic bread and a salad).

Now, when it comes to their burgers, we highly recommend the Cowboy (two beef burger patties, bacon, cheese), the Inferno Chicken (two crispy chicken fillets, inferno spicy sauce), and the Chilli Cheese (two beef burger patties, cheese, pulled pork, beef chilli). Of course, every burger also comes with mixed
leaves and red onion, onion rings, chips, and burger relish on the side!

Address: 33-37 Corbets Tey Rd, Upminster RM14 2AJ


The Station Pantry

Next on our list is an incredible restaurant with a stylish and minimalistic interior, excellent service, and tasty food (including burgers)!

This place is perfect for Brunch because they serve Breakfast every day – from 9 AM to 2 PM. The Breakfast menu includes classics like Eggs Benedict, Eggs Florentine, Smoked Salmon & Cream Cheese Bagel, Waffles, Pancakes, and plenty of other incredible options you will love!

To be quite honest we love everything on the menu, however, today we will focus on their burgers. We love the Pulled pork Burger (with beetroot coleslaw), the Chicken Parma Burger (Breaded Cajun Chicken, ham, cheese sauce), and the TSP Beef (beef patty, melted cheese). These burgers also come with salad, gherkins, relish plus onion rings and beetroot coleslaw on the side.

If you are vegetarian then go for the Halloumi & Mushroom Burger and if you are vegan – the Falafel & Spinach Burger or the Moving Mountain (with a plant-based patty) are great options.

Address: 61 Station Rd, Upminster RM14 2SU


Golden Skewer Bar & Grill

Next on our list is a kebab shop – Golden Skewer Bar & Grill. If you are a meat lover then this place will become a favourite of yours because they specialize in traditional Turkish charcoal-grilling which means that their meat is always super tender and delicious!

And aside from all the traditional Turkish food on their menus like Lamb Shish, Adana Kebab (with rice, salad, bread), Chicken Beyti, and all of the other skewers and kebabs, they also offer burgers!

The burgers on their menu are pretty simple – Quarter Pounder Burger with Cheese, 1/2 Pounder Burger with Cheese, and Chicken Burger, however, the meat is so well-cooked that these are some of our favourite burgers in Upminster no matter how simple they are!

Address: 127 Avon Rd, Upminster RM14 1RQ


Optimist Tavern

Last on our list is yet another incredible traditional pub with delicious food, cosy and casual interior, and excellent service – the perfect place to visit after a long day of work to just unwind, relax, and enjoy a nice meal!

Of course, the star of the show is all of the burgers on the Optimist Tavern’s menu. We love the Katsu Buttermilk Chicken Burger (two buttermilk chicken breasts, katsu sauce, lettuce, red onion, tomato, mayonnaise), the Double Up – Cheese & Bacon Burger (two beef patties, lettuce, red onion, tomato, mayonnaise, Monterey Jack cheese, bacon), and the Classic Chicken Burger (chargrilled chicken breast, lettuce, red onion, tomato, mayonnaise). All of these burgers come with fries and burger sauce on the side.

Address: Hacton Ln, Upminster RM14 2XY