If you are looking for the best burger places in Wembley then this is just the right list for you because our team has decided to gather all of their favourite restaurants offering delicious burgers in the area and share them with you today!

4 Of The Best Burger Places In Wembley According To Our Team


Angus Burger

First on our list is Angus Burger – one of our favourite burger places in Wembley. Everything on the menu is delicious and we are certain you are going to love it which is why we highly recommend you visit whenever you are craving a tasty well-made burger!

We usually get one of their Gourmet Beef Burgers – the Mexican Salsa one (with beef patty, cheddar cheese, chipotle mayo, lettuce, tomato, red onion, jalapeños, crispy tortilla, Mexican salsa), the Californian Tone one (with beef patty, cheddar cheese, burger sauce, lettuce, tomato, pickles, red onion, BBQ sauce), or the Hawaiian Hakka Double one (with beef patty, cheddar cheese, mayo, lettuce, pineapple ring, homemade caramelised onions chutney).

If you prefer burgers with chicken in them then go for the Cheeky Chicken Burger (with peri-peri grilled chicken breast, lettuce, tomato, home-made Gorgonzola blue cheese) or the Feel the Angus Burger (with peri-peri grilled chicken breast, mayo, lettuce, tomato, spicy Gosht chilli sauce)!

Of course, they also have Veggie Burgers – for example, the Halloumi Burger (with Cypriot grilled halloumi cheese, lettuce, tomato, red onion, mayo)!

Address: 115 Wembley Park Dr, Wembley Park, Wembley HA9 8HG


Fatburger & Buffalo’s

The next incredible burger place on our list is Fatburger & Buffalo’s – a popular restaurant chain with locations all over the world, however, we will focus on the one located in Wembley!

We love their Fatburger Single (beef patty, mayo, lettuce, tomato, pickles, mustard, onions, relish), the Turkey Burger (turkey, mayo, lettuce, tomato, pickles, onions, relish) as well as the Rancheros Burger with beef patty, egg, cheese, jalapenos, lettuce, tomato!

Their menu also consists of hot dogs, salads, wings, chicken tenders, sandwiches, and even delicious milkshakes that go very well with their burgers!

Address: 8-9 Neeld Cres, Wembley Hill Rd, Wembley HA9 6QU


Flames Burger Kitchen

Another favourite burger place of ours that we highly recommend you visit is Flames Burger Kitchen – excellent service, friendly staff, and delicious gourmet burgers!

We highly recommend you try their Flamin House Burger (Angus Beef patty, double turkey rashers, mont jack cheese, Mexican and smoked cheddar, hot chutney, aioli mayo, habanero chilli relish, tomato, jalapeños, lettuce, onion rings), the Flamin BBQ Stack Burger (Angus beef patty, double turkey rashers, double halloumi cheese slices, double Swiss cheese slices, BBQ mayo, grilled tomato, lettuce, red onion, grilled pineapple, onion rings), and the Habanero Burger (Angus beef patty, mozzarella, habanero chilli relish, aioli mayo, tomato, lettuce, jalapeños, red onions)!

If you rather have chicken in your burger then we recommend ordering the BBQ Melt Burger (with BBQ marinated chicken, double turkey rashers, double smoked cheddar, BBQ mayo, grilled tomato, lettuce, red onions) or the Hot-Chick Burger (tikka marinated chicken, double halloumi cheese slices, mozzarella, habanero chilli relish, scotch-mayo, tomato, lettuce, red onions)!

Address: 787 Harrow Rd, Wembley HA0 2LP


Big Moe’s Diner

And last but definitely not least we have Big Moe’s Diner – an incredible retro American-style diner with red leather upholstery sofas, bar stools, a Retro Gas Pump next to a red Cadillac, and plenty of other incredible decorations you have to see! We really enjoy going to Big Moe’s Diner because the ambience is incredible and you feel like you are in American during the 50s!

And while the interior design is incredible the food is the star of the show! They have an impressive menu filled with comfort American foods like hot dogs, ribs, Mac n’ Cheese, wings, etc.

When it comes to their burgers, you have to try the Big Moes Bacon Burger (beef patty, smoked chicken rashers, house sauce, lettuce, tomato, pickle, melted American Monterey Jack cheese), the Mac ‘N’ Cheese Burger (beef patty, mac ‘n’ cheese bites, house sauce, lettuce), and the Buffalo Chicken Burger (chicken breast marinated in Buffalo sauce, mayo, lettuce, coleslaw)!

They also have delicious milkshakes and even special desserts you have to try. We recommend their newest addition to the dessert’s menu – the Caramel filled Churros!

Address: Unit 96, Level 2 London designer outlet, Wembley Park Blvd, Wembley HA9 0FD