Chinese cuisine is extremely flavourful and pretty tasty. There is a wide variety of dishes so everyone can find something they will like.

Our team is a huge fan of Chinese food and we love trying out different takeaway restaurants from time to time. Since we know that our customers don’t have a lot of free time to spend on cooking and would rather order, we decided to gather all of our favourite takeaway restaurants in Wood Green that offer well-made Chinese cuisine and make a list – so you can easily pick from where to eat tonight!

We have conducted a thorough investigation and are pleased to report the top four Chinese takeaway establishments in the delightful suburb of Wood Green.


Wood Green Chinese Restaurant

Are you craving Chinese food? Then you can’t go wrong with visiting or ordering from Wood Green Chinese Restaurant. The name is pretty straightforward – this place is in Wood Green and offers Chinese food, however, everything on the menu is spectacular!

The service is quick, the portion sizes are big, and the staff is friendly and always ready to help you.

To be honest with you, our team can hardly pick a favourite dish off of their menu because everything is really good.

Wood Green Chinese Restaurant has all sorts of dumplings, spring rolls, amazing soups, chicken/ pork/ beef/ prawns/ fish/ squid dishes, rice and noodles, and so much more. If you have never been there, you might need a while before you are ready to order because there are so many things to choose from.

If you enjoy eating spicy food then you will be amazed at how many interesting options they have for you!

Address: 138 High Rd, London N22 6EB


Four Seas

You have probably already heard of this place because people love it so much. If you have never ordered from Four Seas then we highly recommend you give it a try because you won’t regret it!

Four Seas is technically not a restaurant – they only do takeaways, therefore, you can visit their website and order whatever you like. No matter what dish you decide to get, it will be delivered while it’s still hot so you don’t need to worry about this!

We recommend you to order the Sweet and Spicy Roast Duck (if you don’t like spicy food then skip it), the King Prawn with Lemon Thai Grass, the Malaysia Nasi Goreng.

Keep in mind that all curry that they offer is pretty spicy so if you don’t enjoy eating spicy food, stay away from the curry!

Address: 479 Lordship Ln, Wood Green, London, N22 5DJ


New Asia

Another takeaway offering amazing Chinese food you need to try. Again, you can search for their menu then pick whatever you like. The prices are reasonable and the staff is always friendly.

Their menu is pretty big which is why you will most likely order a few times. In general, everything is delicious – we have almost managed to try everything on their menu!

They offer chicken/ beef/ pork/ lamb. seafood/ curry/ duck/ thai curry/ rice dishes and a few more options.

We strongly recommend you try their Chow Mein dishes – for example, the Singapore Chow Mein. Also, don’t miss out on their dumplings as well as their sweet and sour dishes!

Address: 636 Lordship Ln, London N22 5JH


Chopstix Noodle Bar – Wood Green

Another amazing takeaway restaurant. Chopstix Noodle Bar really is an amazing spot that will satisfy your craving for Chinese food.

On their menu, you can see that they have Meals for 1, Meals for 2, Meals for 3, etc. All of these meals are prepared in boxes (for example, Chinese chicken curry box with rice and additional toppings). Of course, you can either choose from the boxes they already offer or customize your own box depending on what you like.

Address: 125 High Road, London, N22 6BB