Are you tired of having clogged drains? It can be a hassle to always have to worry about your shower, bathrooms sink, or kitchen sink which is why you need a powerful and effective product to use which will keep the pipes and drain clear and free of impurities such as hair, grease, food, oils, etc.

One huge downfall to having clogged drains is also the terrible odour that comes with it – and the product you decide to use has to tackle that as well so your home can start smelling fresh again.

Below, our team of professional cleaners has decided to share with you their favourite drain cleaners that work like magic and are easy to use.


4 Of The Best Drain Cleaners You Can Use In 2023

– KeHM 24pk Drain Cleaner Sticks

The KeHM 24pk Drain Cleaner Sticks are perfect to use in your kitchen because these sticks are designed to prevent grease and fat from building up which is one of the main reasons why kitchen drains clog. We also really enjoy this product because it eliminated the bad odour and it’s quite inexpensive.

We recommend you use a stick once a month by placing it into the plughole – this is enough to keep the drain clear and free of bad odours.

The pack comes with 12 sticks and if you use them once a month, you will have a perfect drain cleaner for the entire year.

They are suitable for kitchen sinks as well as bathroom sinks and even showers.


– Mr Muscle Drain Unblocker

Another excellent product you can use to clear clogged drains is the Mr Muscle Drain Unblocker – great for clearing debris and even hair which makes it perfect for your shower and bathroom sink.

This product is very powerful and it’s even more effective than bleach due to the formula. But do use it in a well-ventilated room.


– Plumbo Drain Unblocker

The Plumbo Drain Unblocker is very effective and the formula is powerful yet it is safe for humans as well as for aquatic life which is why we recommend it to you.

It’s great for use in your kitchen or bathroom sink as well as in your shower in order to unblock clogged drains and remove bad smells. You can even use it in your toilet to dissolve the organic waste.

It’s suitable for all types of pipes and even septic tanks.

What is so special about the Plumbo Drain Unblocker is that it is created with probiotics and 3 types of enzymes that dissolve food residue, soap scum, grease, oils, etc.


– Green Gobbler Dissolve Tub

And last, but not least on our list is the Green Gobbler Dissolve Tub which has a superpower – it liquifies hair in just a few minutes which makes it perfect for your shower.

Suitable for all types of pipes and drains, this product will become your new best friend because it’s effective, powerful, and easy to use on regular basis.