Today, our team wanted to share their favourite restaurants in Bloomsbury that offer the most delicious burgers because we know that you are a burger lover just like us.


Our esteemed colleagues have compiled a list of the finest establishments for indulging in the delectable delight of burgers, and we present to you their top five picks in the charming district of Bloomsbury.

MeatLiquor Bloomsbury

MEATliquor Bloomsbury / Kings CrossLocated right in the heart of the Brunswick Centre, a prime example of Brutalist design, is MEATliquor Bloomsbury / Kings Cross. This spot is known for its classic diner seating, billiards, and ample outdoor space that can accommodate over 100 guests. The menu features a tempting array of fried chicken, artisanal beers, mixed drinks, burgers, and other quick-service delicacies.

Options for vegetarians and vegans are plentiful.
Enjoy a game of pool with your drink in hand.
Conveniently situated near the Curzon Cinema and a short 5-minute jaunt from both the British Museum and Kings Cross.



Gourmet Burger Kitchen

One very popular restaurant chain with locations all over the UK that we have talked about before is Gourmet Burger Kitchen – and since they have a restaurant in Bloomsbury that we go to very often, we couldn’t miss on featuring them in today’s list as well. Their burgers are so delicious and no matter which restaurant of theirs you visit, they are consistent with the quality.

Our favourite burgers on their menu are The Taxidriver (beef patty, American cheese, homemade onion ring, Cajun relish, chipotle mayo, pickles, salad), The Mighty (two beef patties, Cheddar, bacon, garlic mayo, relish, pickles), the Rocket Man (beef patty, hot habanero jam, jalapeños, baconnaise, cheddar, paprika onions), and the Loaded (beef patty, pulled beef, black garlic butter, BBQ Bourbon sauce, pickles, fresh onion, crispy onion, house mayo).

Address: Brunswick Centre, 44/46 The, London WC1N 1AE


Slim Chickens

Next on our list is Slim Chickens – one of our favourite restaurants that do an amazing job at combining southern hospitality in a fast-food-styled casual setting.

They are well-known for their fried chicken which is absolutely delicious – so if you love chicken burgers then this is the place for you. Keep in mind that they do not serve beef burgers since they indeed specialize in chicken.

We highly recommend trying out their Honey BBQ Burger (chicken breast, BBQ sauce, onions, Cheddar Jack cheese, with fries, choice of dipping sauce), the Hot Buffalo Burger (chicken, Buffalo sauce, lettuce, pickles, crispy fried onions, Blue cheese, with fries, choice of dipping sauce), and the Classic Chicken (fried chicken, pickles, lettuce, mayo, with fries, choice of dipping sauce).

If you are vegan then don’t worry because they also have plant-based “chicken” burgers such as their Plant-Based Buffalo Burger (with Buffalo sauce, lettuce, pickles, and crispy onions).

Address: 19-21 Brunswick Square, London WC1N 1AF


VQ Bloomsbury

Next we have VQ Bloomsbury – a very unique restaurant that is open 24 hours a day. Yes, they are indeed open all of the time and they serve breakfast foods, pasta, salads, burgers, and much more at all times. If you are craving

Aside from having delicious food and an impressive menu, the restaurant itself is also very beautiful.

Try out their Sweet Chick Burger (fried chicken, tomato, lettuce, sweet chilli mayo), Mexicana Burger (fried chicken, chorizo, salsa chipotle, tomato relish, guacamole, lettuce, cheese, mayonnaise), and the classic 6oz Beefburger (with beef patty, lettuce, tomato, special sauce).

Address: 111A Great Russell St, London WC1B 3NQ



And last but definitely not least on our list is Leon – a fast-food restaurant chain that is counter-serve. But, believe it or not, their food is not “fast-food” quality. In fact, they were very health-conscious when making the menu so the food plus the burgers are influenced by the Mediterranean diet.

For example, instead of serving a burger with fried chicken, they prepare their Chicken Burger with Chargrilled chicken (+ tarragon mayonnaise, pickles, lettuce, tomato).

On their menu, you won’t only find burgers but also incredible wraps, rice boxes, nuggets, fries, and even freshly baked delicious cookies.

Address: Brunswick Centre Unit 2, London WC1N 1AY