They offer a variety of different dishes. There is something for Brunch, Dinner, Lunch – they offer cured salmon, lemon and crème fraîche, beef cheek curry, duck breast with chili jam, Sri Lankan pancakes, toasts, and so much more.

Where? 2 Rennell Street

London SE13 7HD, UK

This restaurant offers some of the best Turkish food in London. Locals love this place. They have a massive mangal grill with chicken, lamb sis, quail.

Where? 245 Lewisham Way

London SE4 1XF, UK

The food they offer is Nigerian and it’s amazing. Some of their specials include Efo riro which is a rich vegetable stew with green amaranth, smoked fish. Another dish is a beef suya and grilled fish.

Where? 228 Lewisham High St

London SE13 6JU, UK

People love this restaurant. You need to try their egg hoppers, kottu roti, vada, and spicy curries, curry of crab with spices and coconut milk.

Where? 24 Loampit Hill

London SE13 7SW, UK

This restaurant passed from the founders Maria and Gennaro Massiello to Antonio and Elena Nigro. The former who founded it in 1983 retired. You can grab scamorza, aged parmesan, antipasti, arancini, charcuterie.

Where? 23 Lewis Grove

London SE13 6BG, UK

The menu they have is full of Spanish dishes. Grab pan con tomate and sweet flan with sherry cream, tortilla vaga, open tortilla of runny eggs, caviar, fried parsley, onion. They get their supplies like cheese, sherry, ham directly from Flavours of Span.

Where? 57 Loampit Hill

London SE13 7SZ, UK

2011 they were forced to close. In 2017 they reopened. People say they offer the best fried chicken sandwich. Another classic you need to try is buffalo and honey butter burgers.

Where? 162 Lee High Rd

London SE13 5PR, UK

Amazing breakfast during the whole day, home-cooked dinners, coffee, tea, and so much more.

Where? 320-322 Lewisham Rd

London SE13 7PA, UK