Carpets are a nice and beautiful flooring solution, but they are also terrible for maintenance. Follow the carpet cleaning tips listed below and you are guaranteed to achieve better results with less effort, energy and resources involved in the process:

  • Never skip a vacuum. The more frequent you vacuum clean your carpets the better, because the process protects the surface from dust and dirt. The general rule is that the more traffic the carpet sustains, the more often it should be vacuumed.
  • Never leave a stain to stay on the carpet for long. The best way to treat stains is to remove them as soon as they occur, because they become tougher to fight with time.
  • In order to reduce the amount of dirt and dust entering your home and respectively staying on your carpets, consider placing door mats at the entrance.
  • Some carpets are pretty sensitive to strong chemical cleaning products, which damage their fibers. In order to avoid unpleasant surprises try the chemical cleaning product on the corner of the carpet in order to check out if it is too sensitive for the cleaner.
  • You should rather not use detergent and shampoo to clean your carpets too often. That’s because residue of the detergent usually sticks deep in the fabrics of the carpet and has the opposite of the desired effect.
  • Deep cleaning your carpet is advisory every 3 months. You may do it less frequently if the traffic is the area the carpet is not so heavy.
  • Steam cleaning is the most efficient carpet cleaning method today and it becomes more and more popular with both professional cleaners and regular homeowners.
  • Extremely dirty carpets are nearly impossible to clean with conventional tools – that’s when you need professional carpet cleaning services.