• Marine Ices

Their ice creams are to die for – Raspberry ripple, malted milk, cookie cream and more. You can add raspberry sauce, glazed peaches, and obscene measures of whipped cream and even more.

  • Lemongrass Restaurant

This restaurant is the only Khmer restaurant. The chef-owner came in the UK in 1969. They offer lok-luk fillet steak that’s pan-fried in butter. Another special – amok fish curry with fresh lemongrass, kaffir lime, steamed in a banana leaf.

  • Stolle

Stolle is a popular Moscow-based bakery with branches in Russia and New York. They specialize in “pirogi’’. Their crust is decorated and they offer different fillings – salmon and spinach, classic beef. They have sweet options – cherry and blueberry.

  • Cafe Loren

They are Israeli-style shakshuka specialists. They offer creamy hummus, a shakshuka sandwich. The interior is cozy with wooden tables. We advise you to order hummus with soft challah roll or fluffy pita.

  • Chin Chin Labs

You have probably seen their ice creams on Instagram. You could say they are very beautifully made and they are Insta-worthy. They have sweet, tasty, and pretty interesting offers – tonka bean, Valrhona chocolate permanent fixtures and toppings like fleur de sel caramel and bee pollen honeycomb.

  • Burger and Beyond

Usually, they are quite crowded but it’s worth the wait. Their beef is aged and it comes from the stall’s own farm – Herons Farm in Colchester. It’s 90 days dry-aged. The patties are hand-pressed and seasoned. One of their specials is the B.B.B. (Bacon Butter Burger) which is offered with crisp bacon, burnt butter mayo, onion.

  • Hook Camden

They offer seafood which is high-quality – crunchy calamari with a moreish combo of squid ink and hot sauce, fish tacos with panko-battered white fish and red cabbage slaw.

  • Shimogamo

They specialize in Japanese cuisine. You can get tempura, sashimi and much more.

  • O Tino

You can try things like rissois de camarao (which is prawn pancakes with a creamy seafood filling), sopa de mariscos, clams, prawns (prepared with a garlic sauce).

  • Seto

They offer amazing inexpensive Japanese cuisine. You can enjoy gyoza and ramen – stuffed with pork or salmon, soft skins and crisped undersides. The miso ramen includes chicken and pork bones, umami-packed miso, chashu, and bamboo shoots.