The restaurant is called Mao Chow. It is one of the few vegan Chinese restaurants in London.

They opened on the 12th of April (Friday) on Mare Street (‘’next to The Dolphin’’). More restaurants are being open in this area all the time. Some of the already opened ones are Mare Street Market, Martello Hall, Pepitos, Cook Daily.

There are plenty of vegan restaurants in this area also – Temple of Seitan (serving vegan fried chicken), Sutton and Sons (serving fish and chip).

The pop-up restaurant is small and can seat only 12 people and they said they will not take reservations. Some of the things on the menu will include Fennel dumplings, Chongqing noodles (noodles in a spicy sauce with chickpeas), Oyster mushroom bing (Flatbread sandwich with oyster mushrooms), Mapo tofu (spicy tofu with black beans that are fermented and doubanjiang), rice, Smacked cucumber (salted cucumber with vinegar, sesame oil, garlic) and much more interesting dishes.