All of the holidays at the end of each year can be a very lonely time. Christmas is all about family and when you don’t have anyone nearby to celebrate with it can get pretty lonely.

A pub in Wimbledon, SW19 has decided to change this for everyone in London. Christmas holidays will be filled with happiness, good company, and laughter for everyone. For four years now they have been planning and hosting a free three-course Christmas dinner for everyone that would otherwise spend the holiday on their own with no family or friends around them. Of course, there are no reservations for the dinner so the owner says that each year it is a surprise how many people will show up. Over the last years, the event has grown a lot. They offer options for the dinner for both vegans and vegetarians as well.

In January, the pub was said to be one of the best in the UK. Each year they welcome more and more people on Christmas day – from older people to people who are new to London to people that missed their flights or trains home.

The owner, Mr. Dore shared how the idea came. He says that one year an old man came alone to the pub on Christmas day. The owner offered him to stay and have dinner with his family but the man declined and said that he had somewhere to go which ‘‘was a lie’’ says Mr. Dore. He added that this had inspired him.

He added that last year they had a person come to the dinner that had been spending the last 17 years alone on Christmas day.

When everyone shows up to the pub, they are given a free drink from the bar and later are put into groups between four or ten people to eat dinner together at one table.

There are a lot of people that want to get involved with dinner and help by providing fundings, presents, free taxi rides for everyone, etc. The owner does not take money and says that everyone that wants to help can offer chocolate or pack of toiletries which will be given to the guests as gifts. All of the waiters are volunteers.