Our company is now accepting IOTA payments. IOTA is a 3rd generation cryptocurrency with fast, eco friendly and, for a first time, feeless transactions, utilizing a revolutionary technology called “The Tangle”.

If you want to know more about IOTA visit their website at iota.org or watch the video below. If you want to know how you can pay for our services with IOTA, please, contact our friendly staff by phone 0333 555 2076 or email [email protected]

The Monster Cleaning teams are located in London and most major cities in England.

In short, to make a transaction on the IOTA network you have to confirm two previous transactions and this way you are getting rid of the “miners” fees and the huge waste of electricity that they require to operate. This new approach also solves the current scalability issues the blockchain has. Bitcoin, for example, can make 5 to 6 transactions per second and the more it’s getting popular, the slower the network becomes, where IOTA, because of the way it operates, the more people are using it, the faster it gets.

IOTA’s goal was to make a currency that can work with The Internet Of Things devices and make microtransactions possible but by doing this it really solves most, if not all of the problems standing in the way of mainstream use of cryptocurrencies and this is why we are adopting it.