Amazon is developing a shopping cart that has an interesting and innovative spin to the traditional one. It is called the Dash Cart and it will automatically calculate the bill of a customer as well as let them cash out without cashiers.

This smart shopping card will automatically detect the items you put in it and will show you exactly how much you have to pay.

The company’s vice president said that the shopping card has cameras, a scale, weight sensors, and a computer vision that will determine both the item that is being placed in the Dash Cart as well as the quantity.

In order to use the smart shopping cart, you must be signed in to your Amazon account on your phone and scan the code on the cart. Once you are done with the shopping you can simply walk out of the store without waiting in line to pay since the payment will automatically be processed with the credit card on your Amazon account.

The Dash Cart shopping card will be introduced in an Amazon grocery store in Woodland Hills, Los Angeles later this year.