The window cleaner – Dave Denton, was honored at a surprise birthday party. Some of the guests were some of the 30 businesses he works for.

He has been cleaning windows for 67 years. He started when he was 14 helping his dad.

The person who organized the surprise party – Jessica Wolton (owner of The Third Place) says that he is the most dedicated man she knows. She also added that he is energetic, friendly, and everyone loves him.

Dave works seven days a week – gets up at 5:30 am and goes to his first customer by 6 am. The only day off he takes is on Christmas Day.

He cleans for many town businesses like the Third place, Baker Brothers Diamonds, Amici, Seventh heaven, and more.

The cake for the party was made by Seventh Heaven – a customer of Dave. It was topped with a model of himself and the shield of Manchester United – the football team he loves.

He was asked if he thinks to retire soon and his answer was that he will stop working when he is 90.