They will take three empty units in the Hull’s Kingston Retail Park

They will open a new Food Warehouse in Kingston. They have signed a 10-year lease.

The brand launched back in 2014.

A total of 13,672 square feet of space has been taken by Iceland.

The Food Warehouse will be joined by Sue Ryder. They will also open in the retail park.

The deal that they signed comes with a five-year break option. But if Sue Ryder leaves within these 5 years they have to pay a fee (equal to six months’ rent).

Sue Ryder and the Iceland Food Warehouse had been offered a three-month period where they wouldn’t have to pay rent.

In December 2017 Ediston Property bought the Kingston Retail Park. When the Toys ‘R’ Us announced they were closing the park suffered a blow. So many people lost their jobs when the closed. B&M took their place quickly.