Recycled Cleaning Products are now a fact, and according to many, they are revolutionary. The market for green cleaning products is growing every day and it’s very successful reaching $28 Billion by 2024, according to experts.

We can all agree that all eco-friendly products are more expensive than normal cleaners. After all, they are made out of plant-derived ingredients and are exactly what the planet needs since they have a very small negative impact on the environment.

Research shows that people willing to buy and use more expensive products that don’t contain toxic chemicals are younger consumers.

Sunny Bhasin is the owner of Renew Technologies and CYCLE. They make cleaning products like bathroom cleaner, all-purpose cleaner, toilet bowl cleaner.

How do they make them? Using only citric acid, essential oils, food-grade xanthan, all-natural soap, and recycled water.

What are the main ingredients of their products?

One of the main ingredients of the cleaning products that CYCLE offer is recycled water. Organic acids like acetic acid are the second main ingredient. They stated that acetic acid (which is the basis of vinegar) and recycled water are 90% of what’s in the bottle of their cleaners.

The owner of CYCLE, Sunny Bhasin, has been building facilities for recycling water for over 25 years. A byproduct of the biological wastewater treatment facilities is called biosolids. They usually are a worthless product which disposal is very expensive but the team of CYCLE and Renew Tech has found a way to recycle these “worthless” biosolids and add them to cleaning products. Not only does this remove wasting water completely but it helps the environment. Bhasin is very passionate about this project and says that building a sustainable future for generations has a lot of meaning to him.

Renew Tech work on smaller projects to larger ones. They have designed and built facilities for industries like food, oil, gas, chemical, automotive.

Eco-friendly cleaning products that are vegan as well as safe for pet and children

These non-toxic recycled cleaning products are very easy to use.

– Bathroom Cleaner and All-Purpose Cleaner

With the ON and OFF spray heads, these cleaners are extremely easy to use.

– Toilet Cleaner

Pull the cap up, apply to your toilet bowl, and then flush.

CYCLE advises you to stay away from using their cleaners on marble, granite, stone, or copper since they might react to the acetic acid.