How to treat ink stains

Sometimes your ball-pen betrays you. Don’t let the ink stain ruin your blouse, jeans or bag. When the stain is on your clothes: Before you take any of the following measures, keep in mind that they are not suitable for delicate fabrics. Apply hand sanitizer on a gentle brush and scrub the stain, then wipe […]

How to treat urine stains

If you have small children and/or pets, you probably have to clean urine puddles every now and then. Not an enjoyable task but – oh well – it needs to be done, and fast. If this is a regular attitude of your pet’s you may want to consult a veterinarian or a professional behaviorist. When […]

How to treat curry stains

You may like spicy food but you definitely would not enjoy cleaning up the stains that some of the spices leave. Curry for instance is very noticeable and at the same time – hard to remove. When the stain is on your clothes: It would be best if you try to remove it at the […]

How to treat beer stains

Having a beer while watching the game on TV is an old classic. But what happens when a fan gets over-exited and accidently spills his drink? – a nasty stain that you could smell from the next room. Disgusting, right? At least if you don’t remove it fast. When the stain is on your clothes: […]

How to treat chocolate stains

Every now and then, when we eat chocolate, small pieces fall out and leave a nice smelling but nevertheless unpleasant stains.  So how should we deal with them? When the stain is on your clothes: First of all, try to remove it with the help of a pen-knife if you have one at hand. You […]

A few quick tips for carpet cleaning

Carpets are a nice and beautiful flooring solution, but they are also terrible for maintenance. Follow the carpet cleaning tips listed below and you are guaranteed to achieve better results with less effort, energy and resources involved in the process: Never skip a vacuum. The more frequent you vacuum clean your carpets the better, because […]

Asin’s London Dreams

London Dreams is surely regarded as most anticipated film of Asin after the success of Ghajini. Here in London Dreams, Asin is love interest of both Salman Khan and Ajay Devgan. We spoke to close source from the movie about her role and more, “In London Dreams she plays the role of a main dancer […]

‘Elizabeth’ reigns in Toronto lineup

Cate Blanchett starrer “Elizabeth: The Golden Age” will have its world preem at the Toronto Film Festival in September as a Gala presentation, the highest-profile slot at the Canuck fest. Event on Tuesday announced 32 pics that have already played other festivals, including a slew of Cannes entries. Toronto runs Sept. 6-15. In “The Golden […]