By the end of 2022, there will be an electric vehicle charging point on every street in Hackney.

Does that sound exciting to you? The mayor – Philip Glanville, promised and gave a pledge to make it possible for 80% of people living in Hackney to be half a kilometer away from a charging point which was then canceled and refused.

The Hackney council is proposing and looking into putting up 2 000 electric chargers for cars on every street. The Hackney council’s member for transport – Jon Burke, says that cars are driven for convenience and comfort. Driving half a kilometer to charge your car for a couple of hours then having to go back to the charging point and charge it again is everything but convenient.

”Fewer yet cleaner vehicles on the road”

Jon Burke strongly believes that putting up more charging points all over Hackney, E1 will encourage more and more people to switch to an electric car. He says that we need fewer yet cleaner vehicles on our roads.