Monster Carpet CleaningProfessional carpet cleaning is one of our specialised services available to both private and business customers. Carpets are amongst the largest interior features of most homes and offices, carpets also see a lot of heavy duty, everyday use. As such they require specialised cleaning on a regular basis. Professional cleaning treatments performed at recommended intervals of time will not only ensure a healthier indoor environment, but also keep the carpets looking better and brighter for longer.

Our professional carpet cleaning is perfectly safe and suitable for all types of natural and synthetic fibre carpets. Since we use industry approved carpet cleaning systems and materials, there will be no risk of damage or alteration to the carpet’s appearance and comfort properties. The cleaning equipment and materials we apply are effective in lifting and removal of both soiling and staining either chemical or organic. Please be advised that old staining which has been driven deep inside the carpet by erroneous cleaning treatments and prolonged foot traffic may not be removed in full. Carpets suffering extensive structural damage i.e. tearing, un-weaving etc. will not be subject to cleaning as this might further the damage.

Carpet CleaningGenerally, we apply one of two cleaning methods, depending on the type and state of the carpet. The more common method we use is known as steam carpet cleaning or hot water extraction. This is a proven, highly effective cleaning treatment which cleans deep inside the carpet all the way to its base – where many of the hygiene issues really are. The method is perfectly safe as it uses the natural cleaning power of steam. Only in cases where we need to tackle and remove stubborn stains, the cleaners might need to apply a non-toxic solvent to pre-treat the stain for complete removal.

Alternatively, the other cleaning method we use is known as dry carpet cleaning and is considered a relatively newer technique which delivers certain improvements such as reduced drying time. Dry carpet cleaning is performed onsite, the entire cleaning process is safe and efficient for both synthetic and natural fibre carpets. The dry cleaning products we apply are non-toxic and will leave no trace or residue after cleaning.

As expected, all carpet cleaning services are carried out by specially trained and qualified cleaning technicians. The cleaning teams will review the condition of the carpet, and the level of staining/soiling it has sustained in order to choose which is the most suitable and effective method given the circumstances. We recommend subjecting carpets (especially in high traffic areas of the premise) to professional cleaning at least once every six months. For best results, we will need a certain amount of time so please bear with our cleaning techs for the time being and book your carpet cleaning with us for a suitable time and day of the week – we maintain week round availability under flexible hours. Carpet cleaning is available as standalone or in combination with another service we provide, even with catering.