As many of you know National Afternoon Tea Week takes place from 10th to 16th August.

The history behind Afternoon Tea Week

The famous “afternoon tea” was introduced in the 1840s and the idea behind it was to satisfy people’s hunger between their lunch and dinner.

Back then, dinner was usually served at 8 pm and having a mini-meal before that was quite necessary.

As time passed, the “afternoon tea” became a tradition and a social event. The tea is served with finger-sized sandwiches, sweet pastries, cakes.

Want to celebrate this tradition the best way possible?

Of course, you can simply have an afternoon tea at home but if you want to go all out this Afternoon Tea Week then why not visit some amazing spots in Bromley?

The Bromley Court Hotel

Enjoying a nice cup of tea with views of the beautiful Bromley Court Hotel’s landscaped garden? Doesn’t that sound good!

This experience will cost you £21.50.

The Croft Tea Room

The Croft Tea Room is a multi-award-winning and loved by many tea room.

Sandwiches of your choice, cake, cream, fruit or plain scone will cost you only £10.95.

Java and Chai Green Room

This amazing place will not only cater to your needs but is also zero waste and packaging.

Afternoon tea will cost you £16 and will include sandwiches, homemade cakes, scones, jam, tea, and coffee.