Have you gotten a Euromillions ticket in Bexley this summer? If the answer is yes, then you might be the winner of the £1m that has yet claimed his prize.

The draw was on the 14th of June and the winner hasn’t checked their ticket yet so if you suspect that it could be you make sure you find missing tickets that you have bought in Bexley.

The senior winners’ advisor at The National Lottery says that they are desperate to find the winner since the money will really change his life. They are hoping everyone that has bought tickets in Bexley to check them out and they are hoping the winner will somehow be found.

The National Lottery has prepared both the prize and a huge celebration with champagne.

The code for the winning ticket is JGMK62300. The deadline for the winner to claim his prize on December 11.

If it remains unclaimed, the National Lottery will use the money to fund projects across the UK.