A lot of luxury goods companies are teaming up in battling the COVID-19. They are changing their distribution and are deciding to make products like masks, gloves, protective suits, and hand sanitizers in order to help hospitals and medical workers.

The world is of a shortage of all of the above which are very needed products for protection and reducing potential contamination. Many companies are rethinking their day-to-day operations and are changing completely what they produce so they can be as helpful as possible.

You may wonder – which companies are we talking about?

The company 3M Co. is doubling the production of respirator masks.

H&M is completely changing their production and are starting to make protective suits for hospitals and medical workers all around the globe.

Foxconn Technology Group which is a huge supplier of Apple products in China has started manufacturing surgical masks.

Dior, Givenchy, and Guerlain have already started making hand sanitizers which they provide to hospitals all over France for free.

Pernod Ricard and other companies that produce alcoholic beverages have either donated a huge amount of raw alcohol or have started producing hand sanitizers on their own. Pernod Ricard’s head of communications, Olivier Cavil, has donated over 70 000 liters of raw alcohol.