Curtain CleaningNowadays people have less and less time to handle their property cleaning duties in full. For instance curtain cleaning is becoming more and more neglected because people simple don’t have the necessary time to clean their window treatments regularly. So instead of accepting that you will be watching at dirty curtains for a significant amount of time, delegate to us your curtain cleaning duties. This way you will be able to enjoy clean window treatments without investing any of your time into the task.

We are a professional cleaning company that has an immense knowledge when it comes to cleaning. We have been in the cleaning business for a number of years and trust us when we say that we can clean any type of window treatment meticulously. In fact our expertise in curtain cleaning is so immense that we are one of the few companies that area ready to take on projects that the other companies decline to embark on.

As seasoned cleaners we realise in full that most curtains are made from fragile and delicate fabrics that must be handled with the outmost care. This is why we have invested heavily into the appropriate equipment. This way we are able to clean even the most fail curtains without the possibility for damages. Aside of our specialised curtain cleaning tools we also use tailored cleaning solutions that are especially made for window treatment cleaning.

Monster Curtain CleaningIn order to achieve great end results we have mastered the two most efficient curtain cleaning techniques, dry cleaning and steam cleaning. Both methods are highly efficient and cannot cause chemical or mechanical damages to the fabric from which your curtains are made. The cleaning projects from which we are hired are carried out by highly trained and skilled career cleaning technicians who have years and years and years of experienced under their belt.

Sometimes curtains get stained with resilient stains that are extremely hard to remove, unless these stains are treated by us. Before we treat stains we always consider all possible avenues in order to choose the best stain removal method. One we have chosen the right method, we will use only the safest and most efficient instruments and cleaning products. Even more we are always ready to treat the stains manually in order to protect the fabric.

Please take into consideration that some types of curtain damages such as discoloration, sunlight damages and etc are irreversible. So don’t try fixing these issues on your own because you will most likely do more harm than good. Instead give us a call and let us inspect the problematic areas and help you achieve the maximum of a bad situation.

If we have managed to persuade you that we are the ideal solution for your curtain cleaning duties, give us a call as soon as you can, so that we can fit you in our work schedule and discuss with you the specs of your project. You can get our contact details from the contacts sub-page of our company website for more services like deep cleaning.