I know it sounds terrible to accept but your phone is indeed dirtier than your toilet! In fact, it’s actually 10 times dirtier than your toilet – it’s scientifically proven!

Throughout the day, you tend to place it on tables and counters, whenever you go to the bathroom you probably leave it on the toilet paper dispenser, you place it on the dashboard of your car, etc. You get the point – your phone gets covered in all sorts of impurities, bacteria, and dirt throughout the day.

And usually, no one takes the time to clean and disinfect it by the end of each day but it’s just as important as washing your hands. Especially with recent events – you have started carrying hand sanitizers and you use them often, right? You also tend to wash your hands as often as possible, right? So why don’t you pay attention to your phone as well? After all, washing and sanitizing your hands is pretty pointless if you just end up touching your phone after that – all of those germs and impurities go back on your hands then you spread them all around your home.

There have been plenty of studies made over the past couple of years that show the number of bacteria on your phone – and it really is a breeding ground for germs, however, we will not focus on the amount today – we will focus on how to clean and disinfect your phone so it’s nice, clean, and safe to use at all times!


Obviously, it’s impossible to just stop touching your phone throughout the day, right? Instead, you have to implement different disinfecting and cleaning methods to ensure the surface is spotless and free of any germs.

We have a few tips and tricks we love to use.


  • The first one is disinfecting your phone once you come home. After you wash your hands, just spray disinfectant on a cloth or a paper towel then wipe your phone with it. Do not spray the liquid directly on your phone because you might damage it if it’s not water-proof!
  • The next tip we have is to use your hand sanitizer throughout the day to disinfect your phone. Whenever you use it to disinfect your hands, apply some on a paper towel and wipe the screen! Yes, it’s that simple. Make this a habit and you won’t have any issues!


How To Deep Clean Your Phone Safely?

Now that you know how to disinfect your phone, you need to know how to deep clean it without damaging it. Just like any other item in your home, your phone needs to be deep cleaned from time to time. Of course, you don’t need to do this every day – especially if you disinfect it a few times a day, however, you still need to deep clean it at least once a month.

Now, start off with removing the phone case then grab a microfiber cloth. Spray a window cleaner or an all-purpose cleaner on the cloth then gently wipe the phone with it.

Let it air-dry before you grab a disinfecting wipe and wipe the phone again.

And then just let it air-dry before you use it!