Cleaning and Disinfection Services all across London

As you know, Monster Cleaning is a trusted company that provides amazing results at affordable prices. Our cleaning team is the best out there and our company caters to our customers’ needs.

We value each and every one of our clients, and in order to be as helpful and reassuring as possible we have decided that it’s best if we introduce you to a brand new service of ours – Professional Disinfecting Services.

We have invested in a lot of powerful and industry-approved equipment and detergents in order to make this service possible. Everything that we use in order to disinfect is proven to kill bacteria. We also want to add that as powerful as these detergents are, they are also 100% safe for you, your family, pets, or children. We have sanitized various offices and homes in London, including the British Red Cross.

Our safety is important. So is yours.

We value our employees’ safety as much as yours. That’s why we follow every standard and high requirement out there our teams are always wearing protective gloves and changing them regularly and wearing suits and masks if need.

Our disinfecting service is going to make sure that your home or office is sanitized – top to bottom. We pay close attention to even the smallest areas in a property. One of the things we will disinfect is your walls, door handles, light switches, any laptops, computers, keyboards (if present), toilets, sinks, kitchen area, etc.

We can disinfect your office and also your home.

Regardless if you want your home disinfected or your office, shop, or any other business out there – we will offer you the same high level of attention and expertise. In difficult times, we’ll make sure that we can keep you safe and reassured by stopping potential contamination and completely disinfecting every area that needs it.

Now, more than ever, cleanliness and sanitization are crucial for our health. If you happen to have an office and there are a lot of people working there then disinfecting the area top to bottom can be very important. Monster Cleaning has all the proper tools, equipment, and detergents to do so.

Fogging Sanitization – the fastest and effective disinfection

A powerful disinfecting method that is often recommended for areas where there were confirmed cases of COVID-19 and other biohazard viruses.

You will be surprised at the variety of places we can perform this service – your home, office, schools, hospitals, shops or other commercial premises, your car, and outdoors. We are capable of doing this because we use industry-approved electrically powered sprayers with BS EN 1276, BS EN1650, BS EN13704, BS EN1499, BS EN1500 certified detergent against COVID-19 and other similar viruses incl. E-Coli, Ebola, MERS and SARS

This detergents are 100% safe for pets and humans and are not toxic, however it is recommended to vent the place for 30 minutes after the service before going back in.

We also want to say that the service is also harmless for electrical devices. The detergent can be applied on any surface out there – from carpets, hard floors, walls, doors, kitchen counters, computers, phones, desks, to even clothes, etc.