Domestic CleaningEffective domestic cleaning is an ongoing commitment which requires time, effort and resources on a regular basis. Not many people these days have the time and energy to deal with multiple domestic cleaning chores week in and week out. Since Monster Cleaning are well aware of this, we offer customers access to the most efficient and affordable domestic cleaning solutions available right now.

Being an experienced cleaning company, we are also well aware of how various domestic cleaning requirements are, and that each household has a unique set of general and specific cleaning needs. Because of this, our specialised domestic cleaning service is fully customisable and can be made to include different types of cleaning. Generally, the domestic cleaning we offer is a fully comprehensive service which can either cover the entire property from top to bottom, or to focus on customer specified rooms and areas only.

If there are no special requirements set forth by customers, our diligent and well organised cleaning teams will focus their effort and attention on heavy duty zones which see a lot of use and abuse on a daily basis, such as kitchen, toilet, bathroom, living room etc. As always, the cleaners will also pay the necessary attention to high traffic areas like hallways, staircases, front and backdoor areas etc. as they really give away the level of interior hygiene maintained at the property.

Domestic cleaning as it name implies is a service carried out in close proximity to customers and their loved ones. Since Monster Cleaning cares for the health and wellbeing of people, we only apply non-toxic, ecofriendly cleaning systems and materials. Wherever possible we use natural formula cleaning supplies.

Monster Domestic CleaningAs mentioned above, our domestic cleaning can be altered to suit specific preferences and requirements. If customers wish to include additional cleaning options like carpet or upholstery cleaning, please let us know at the time of making your booking and we will include those in the default service format without any extra fuss or excessively high costs. By the way, combining services (bundling) is a great way to get a lot of cleaning done for relatively little amount of money as compared to securing each service independently. For extra customer convenience, the domestic cleaning is available as one off, or on a regular basis. The frequency and duration of the fixed schedule cleaning visits depends entirely on customer preferences and availability. Generally, our fixed schedule cleaning visits are available on weekly, fortnightly and monthly basis.

The cleaning process itself is performed by specially trained and qualified domestic cleaners who know their work inside out, there will be no cutting corners or risk of substandard cleaning results. All work carried out in accordance to applicable health and safety regulations. Domestic cleaning and driveway cleaning is available for booking during all days, no exceptions, under flexible hours. All cleaning will be completed within the booked number of hours without any delays.