The company FiveAl have five cars, for now, that will be tested in Bromley. They are driverless but in the beginning, a trained operator will be in the driver’s seat – in case something goes wrong.

Once these ‘’trials’’ are completed successfully the cars will be tested with no one in them. These kinds of tests will be made in Croydon as well.

The company hopes that next year they would be able to complete a trial with just passengers in the cars.

But for now, they will be tested day and night throughout the whole week with the trained operators.

To collect the needed data for these cars, the process had started last August in London. The data collecting process includes road layout, road user behavior, demand patterns, etc.

This data helps the vehicles match with the environment they will safely operate in.

The five vehicles can be seen around Bromley any day or night this week. The company said that safety is their priority.

The Executive Councillor for Environment and Community Services for Bromley Council, William Huntington, said they are grateful that FiveAl keeps everyone informed about the cars since they’re such an exciting project.

Audi, Mercedes-Benz, Toyota, Tesla, Volvo, Uber, and Volkswagen are some of the car companies that are involved with the projects.