End of Tenancy CleaningWe know that living in rental accommodation is not always easy and that occupying a rental property has its specific requirements for tenants. Organising for a professional grade end of tenancy cleaning before leaving is one of those compulsory requirements faced by all tenants. If by any chance vacating tenants are tempted to do the cleaning themselves, please take our advice and let Monster Cleaning do it for you – during the final property inspection, the landlord or letting agency acting on their behalf will expect to see consistent, industry standard cleaning results across the premises, something which is not easily achieved by untrained individuals. More so, we will not cost you silly money, our end of tenancy cleaning service will cost you much less than your rental deposit, so why risk it – kick back and let us do the cleaning for you – we promise professional standard cleaning results all round.

Our specialised end of tenancy cleaning is a fully comprehensive cleaning treatment which covers all rooms and areas of the property. As expected our cleaners will focus their effort and attention on heavy duty areas like kitchen and wet rooms, as well as high traffic zones like hallways, staircases, front door area etc. If tenants have any specific cleaning requirements, please inform the cleaners upon arrival and they will make sure to address those accordingly.

Monster End of Tenancy CleaningIn most cases, the landlord or letting agent would have provided tenants with a detailed checklist, outlining the cleaning chores expected to be performed. Please make the list available to our cleaners upon arrival and they will take care of the items listed there. If there is no such list available, the cleaning teams will devise their own. How would they know what needs cleaning? Easy – we work with professionally trained and qualified cleaning technicians, specially skilled in pre and after tenancy cleaning.

Since end of tenancy cleaning is all about results, we use only industry approved cleaning systems and materials, apart from ensuring best possible cleaning results and no risk of damage to surfaces and finishes, this also reduces resource waste and cleaning time. In many cases, tenants are required to arrange for professional grade carpet cleaning prior to vacating the property. We can include specialised carpet cleaning as part of the default cleaning service and ensure everything is in tip top condition and ready to pass the final inspection in flying colours.

In order to present the landlord or letting agent with an immaculately cleaned and fresh interior, we recommend having the end of tenancy cleaning done as late as possible before vacating, or shortly before the final agency inspection you can also combine it with floor cleaning. We will dispatch a specific number of cleaners depending on the scale and timeframe of your tenancy cleaning requirements. End of tenancy cleaning services are booked for all days of the week under convenient hours which work around customers’ schedule, this includes Sundays and public holidays. With us, you will be a step closer to receiving your rental deposit.