Focus On Decorating Your New Home And Leave The Rest To Us

We know that you are moving out and we also know that you are very stressed about the whole process – especially about the final inspection. This is why our company offers End of Tenancy Cleaning in Addington that will prepare any property by deep cleaning it – no matter the condition or size. Our team has a lot of experience and training so we are capable of dealing with even the biggest challenges.

You can get in touch with us whenever it’s convenient to you – even during the weekends or on official holidays. Our team works seven days a week and never takes days-of so you can schedule the visit whenever you want. And the best part is that our prices remain the same throghout the week so even if you do request a cleaning on a Sunday, you won’t be charged extra!

On top of that, our prices are affordable and we have created our price list so that it benefits you. Our End of Tenancy Cleaning is not hourly-based – we charge based on the size which means that we will stay as long as needed in order to cover everything, no matter how small or big the property may be.

Once our team arrives, they will bring all detergents, machines, and cleaning supplies with them. They will immediately get started with the cleaning which includes chores like sanitizing the bathrooms, deep cleaning the bedrooms, paying extra attention to the kitchen and all other high-traffic rooms. Aside from dusting, cleaning, hoovering, and mopping, we will also disinfect all doorknobs and light swtiches – details that are important for the final inspection. But you don’t have to worry about anything because we will bring an agency-approved checklist where all tasks that need to be performed are written. This ensures high-quality cleaning, excellent results, and the fact that nothing will be missed!

If you are worried, we also provide a 48-hour guarantee which states that we will sent our team back within 48 hours of the fist visit if an issues occur or you aren’t 100% satisfied with the result.

The only things that you need to ensure are running hot water, electricity, no personal belongins on-site as well as a defrosted fridge. Everything else will be taken care of our team!

You Might Want To Consider The Following Additonal Services:

Our Deep Carpet Cleaning in case the carpets on-site are dirty and in a bad condition. We will apply hot water extraction which will eliminate all dirt, dust, and accumulated impurities leaving spotless carpeted floors.

Our Deep Oven Cleaning in case the appliance on-site is covered in build-up, grease, stains, and burnt food. Our team will make sure that all these impurities are removed which will leave you with a spotless oven that is ready for the inspection.

Our Deep Upholstery Cleaning in case there are upholstered furniture present which haven’t been cleaned in a long time and/ or look in a bad condition. We will apply hot water extraction which will not only remove the accumulated impurities such as dirt and dust but will also remove any bad odours.

Our Window Cleaning in case the exterior of the windows are dirty. In our End of Tenancy Cleaning, our team will cover the interior, however, if the exterior also needs to be covered, we need to know in advance so that our technicians can bring the needed equipment.