What To Expect From Our End of Tenancy Cleaning In Battersea

If you are worried about your final inspection then let our team take care of the cleaning – our company has been in the industry for a lot of years and we know exactly how to make sure the property you are moving out of is prepared for the final inspection.

Our team knows that you want everything to go smoothly which will ensure you get back your deposit – without any issues. And it’s important for us to provide you with just that.

By contacting us we will gather important information about the property which will help us calculate the cost of your service. Our customer service agents will also guide you through the service and will advise you to defrost your fridge 24 hours prior to the cleaning. Our cleaners would also need running hot water and electricity as well as a property empty of any personal belongings.

All of our cleaning technicians had been fully trained and have years of experience with End of Tenancy Cleanings. We have also provided them with a checklist which is agency-approved.

Since this service is not hourly based, our team will stay as long as needed in order to check off everything on this list. By the end of the cleaning, they will give it to you.

Part of the cleaning includes hoovering and mopping, dusting all surfaces in each room, removing cobwebs, sanitizing bathrooms, cleaning the interior of the windows, domestic level cleaning of all appliances, etc.

The service includes a 48 hour guarantee which gives you a 48 hour window starting from the first cleaning to tell us if we missed anything or if you aren’t satisfied with the cleaning. If that happens, then our team will come back and reclean the entire property for free.

End of Tenancy Cleaning

Do You Need Any Of The Following Additonal Services?

Carpet Cleaning


  • Extracting all the accumulated dirt, dust, pet hair, and other impurities by using hot water extraction.

Consider Booking It If:

  • Carpets on the property haven’t been deep cleaned in over a year.
  • The landlord/ agency requires you to present deep cleaned carpets.
  • The carpets are covered in dirty patches and/ or stains.
Oven Cleaning


  • Dissasembling the oven and deep cleaning it with powerful detergents and special equipment.

Consider Booking It If:

  • The appliance hasn’t been deep cleaned in over a year.
  • The appliance is covered in build-up, greasy stains, burnt food, sauce.
Upholstery Cleaning


  • Deep cleaning of upholstered furniture by using hot water extraction.

Consider Booking It If:

  • The upholstery is covered in dirty patches and stains.
Window Cleaning


  • Cleaning the exterior of all windows on the property.

Consider Booking It If:

  • Your landlord/ agency requires you to present clean windows (both interior and exterior).
  • The exterior of the windows is really dirty and might be a problem with the final inspection.
End of Tenancy