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The End of Tenancy Cleaning in Brimsdown You Will Love

Monster Cleaning is a cleaning company with over 14 years of experience – and we specialize in End of Tenancy Cleaning. It’s the service that we have been performing ever since the start of our business which has given our team valuable experience. This is why we can ensure excellent results – because we are certain in the abilities of our cleaning techncians, their training and knowledge. We have assisted thousands of customers in Brimsdown and the area so why not give us a call and rely on us to prepare the property for the final inspection.

End of Tenancy

It’s very important for you to know that our schedule is very flexible and we work even during the weekends. You can contact us any day of the week and request an End of Tenancy Cleaning – we will assign a team of technicians to come and leave the property spotless. All necessary tools and detergents will be provided.

Of course, another very important aspect of our services is the fact that they come at affordable prices. We already know how expensive moving is so we have created a competitive price list you are going to love. And on top of that, your End of Tenancy Cleaning quote will be calculated based on the size and condition of the property – we do not charge by the hour.

The cleaning itself will include covering every room – top-to-bottom. Our team will strictly follow an agency-approved checklist where all the tasks that must be complete are written. You can expect all surfaces to be dusted, cobwebs to be removed, upholstery and carpets to be hoovered, windows to be cleaned internally, bathrooms to be sanitized, tiles and grout to be scrubbed, cupboards to be cleaned inside and out, appliances to be cleaned, floors to be hoovered and mopped, and so much more. At the end of the cleaning, you can inspect the property before you pay so you can see just how spotless everything is. Of course, you will also be provided with a 48-hour guarantee for a free reclean.

This thorough cleaning can be performed if the property has electricity, running hot water, and zero personal belongings on-site so keep that in mind. If there is a fridge, we also need you to defrost it at least 24 hours prior to our visit.

Do You Need Additional Services?

Depending on the state of the property and certain items, you might want to also schedule an additional service or two in order to ensure that all requirements for the final inspection will be covered. We can assist you with the following:

Deep Carpet Cleaning in case the carpets on the property would need further attention and a simple hoovering won’t be enough to bring them back to a spotless condition. We will apply hot water extraction with which all impurities will be eliminated.

Deep Upholstery Cleaning in case the upholstered furniture on the property would need further attention and a simple hoovering won’t be enough to bring the mattress, sofa, or curtains back to a spotless condition. We will apply hot water extraction in order to safely and effectively remove all the impurities, dirty patches, and even bad odours.

Deep Oven Cleaning in case the oven on the property would need further attention and a simple domestic level cleaning won’t be enough to bring it back to a spotless condition. By disassembling the appliance, we will deep clean all parts seperately and remove any build-up, grease, stains, burnt food, etc.

External Window Cleaning in case the windows are really dirty and the exterior would also need to be covered. As we previously stated, our End of Tenancy Cleaning includes only cleaning the interior of the windows.

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