A High-Quality End of Tenancy Cleaning In Clapham

Our company can offer you an End of Tenancy Cleaning – a high-quality service performed by experienced cleaning technicians. We have been in the industry for over a decade and we know how time-consuming and draining planning a moving out can be. Our team wants to take all the pressure regarding the final cleaning and take care of ensuring you get back your deposit while you focus on your new home.

Contact us so that we can calculate an exact cost for your cleaning and let us take it from there. The only thing we need you to provide our team with is:

  • running hot water
  • electricity
  • a defrosted fridge (24 hours prior to the service)
  • no personal belongings on the property

Our cleaning technicians will come fully equipped and prepared when it’s time for your service. They will also carry an agency-approved checklist and will follow every task on there.

Since our End of Tenancy Cleaning is not an hourly-based service they will stay as long as needed to perform all the required tasks. They will focus on deep cleaning the bathroom, bedroom, kitchen, hallway and all other heavy-duty areas of the property. They will also remove cobwebs, clean all appliances on the property, hoover and mop the floors, hoover the carpets, dust all surfaces, clean the interior and exterior of all cabinets/ cupboards, etc.

Our End of Tenancy Cleaning in Clapham comes with a 48-hour guarantee which means that if any issues occur or you aren’t fully satisfied with the results our team will reclean the property for free.

Consider Booking Our Additional Services

Our standard End of Tenancy Service is designed to prepare the property for the final inspection, however, in some cases some additional deep cleanings are required.

Carpet Cleaning

This service is required when the carpets on the property haven’t been professionally cleaned in over a year or they are covered in stains, dirty patches, and impurities.

Our team will use hot water extraction to get rid of any impurities and ensure the carpets are ready for the final inspection.

Window Cleaning

This service is required when the exterior of the windows on the property are filthy or when the landloard/ agency wants to be presented with professionally cleaned windows.

Our team will bring special equipment which will allow them to clean the exterior of the windows leaving them streak-free and stainless.

Upholstery Cleaning

This service is required when the upholstered funiture on the property smells bad or has stains, dirty patches (mattress, curtains, sofa, upholstered chairs, etc.)

Our team will use steam to extract all the impurities, bad smells, and stains.

Oven Cleaning

This service is required when the interior of the oven has build-up, burnt food, grease, and stains.

Our team will disassemble all the removable parts and clean them seperately. They will also deep clean the interior and exterior of the appliance. Once they are done they will assemble everything together and check whether it works properly.