How Does An End of Tenancy Cleaning In Ealing Goes?

Our company has created the perfect End of Tenancy Cleaning designed to prepare any property for the final inspection and get back your deposit without any issues. Our team has been in the industry for over a decade and has gained a lot of valuable experience.

All you need to do is ensure that there is running hot water, electricity, a defrosted fridge, and no personal belongings on the property – our team will take it from there! Once you contact us, we will calculate the exact price for your service.

When the time of the cleaning comes, our team will arrive fully-equipped with all the necessary detergents and equipment. They will immediately start cleaning all rooms and areas on the property. You don’t have to worry whether they will be able to cover everything because our End of Tenancy Cleaning in Ealing isn’t hourly-based. They will stay as long as needed in order to finish all of their tasks.

Our cleaning technicians will carry a special agency-approved checklist with them which will help them not miss a thing. This detailed report will be given to you at the end of the service so that you can see all the areas that were cleaned.

If for some reason you aren’t fully satisfied with the result you can contact us and let us know. We will then send our team to reclean the property for free within 48-hours of the first appointment.

End of Tenancy Cleaning

Combine This Cleaning With Our Additional Services For A Discount!

In some cases, it’s important to book an additional service – either a carpet deep cleaning, an oven deep cleaning, etc.

We want you to know that any additional services of ours come discounted so that you don’t have to break the bank in order to receive amazing results!

Carpet Deep Cleaning

A discounted service recommended when the carpets on the property haven’t been professionally cleaned in over a year or when they have dirty patches and stains on them.

Our End of Tenancy Cleaning includes hoovering all carpets on the property, however, if they have stains we would need to deep clean them with special equipment in order to extract those impurities!

Oven Deep Cleaning

A discounted service recommended when the oven on the property is filthy – covered in grease, burnt food, residue, stains.

Our End of Tenancy Cleaning includes a domestic level scrubbing and wiping of all appliances on the property, however, if the oven is filthy than we would need to deep clean it by disassembling it and using special detergents.

Upholstery Deep Cleaning

A discounted service recommended when any upholstered furniture smells bad, has stains, dirty patches, and discolouration on the surface.

In those cases, special deep cleaning is required so that our team can extract those impurities and leave the upholstery spotless.

Window Cleaning

A discounted service recommended when the exterior of the windows on the property is dirty and/ or when your landlord/ agency wants you to present clean exterior of the windows.

In order for us to be able to clean the exterior, we would need to carry special equipment.

End of Tenancy