Secure A Smooth Final Inspection With Our End of Tenancy Cleaning In Enfield

Planning a moving out is never fun and is often exhausting which is why our team has designed the perfect End of Tenancy Cleaning – so that you can relax, allow us to prepare the property for the final inspection, and get back your deposit. Our team has over 10 years of experience and is fully trained!

Contact us and schedule your cleaning – we will calculate the exact price for your service. Note that in order for our team to be able to complete the service they will need running hot water and electricity on-site!

This service is not hourly-based meaning that once our team arrives on the property they will stay as long as needed in order to deep clean every room. For your convenience, they will carry a checklist which will be strictly followed and provided to you by the end of the service.

Special attention will be paid to heavy-duty areas (bedrooms, bathrooms, hallways, kitchen). A part of the checklist our team follows includes hoovering and mopping the floors in each room, hoovering the carpets, dusting all surfaces, cleaning all appliances on the property, cleaning light switches, doorknobs, interior and exterior of cabinets/ cupboards, removing limescale, water stains, soap scum from any bathroom surface, etc.

Since our company doesn’t take the responsibility of preparing a property for the final cleaning we will provide you with a 48-hour guarantee once the service is finished. This means that we will schedule a reclean if any issues occur or you aren’t fully satisfied with the result.

End of Tenancy

We Also Offer Additional Services You Might Need

Our additional services are designed in case you want us to pay special attention to certain areas on the property – for example, deep cleaning the carpets, the oven, etc.

Additional Carpet Cleaning

As a part of our End of Tenancy Cleaning, we will hoover all carpets on the property but in case they have stains or are covered in dirty patches this additional service is recommended.

Additional Oven Cleaning

As a part of our End of Tenancy Cleaning, we will perform a domestic level cleaning of all appliances but in case the oven is covered in stains, grease, burnt food, build-up, etc. this additional service is recommended.

Additional Window Cleaning

As a part of our End of Tenancy Cleaning we will clean the interior of all windows on the property but if the exterior is really dirty or your landlord/ agency requires you to present clean exterior this additional service is recommended.

Additional Upholstery Cleaning

If any upholstered furniture on the property smells bad, has stains on it and/ or has dirty patches this additional service is recommended.

End of Tenancy Cleaning