Let Us Handle Your End of Tenancy Cleaning In Harrow

Planning your moving out is filled with responsibilities and headaches which is why we will take care of what many consider the most stressful part of moving out – the End of Tenancy Cleaning! We know that getting back your deposit is important to you which is why we have made it our mission to prepare the property for the final inspection.

All you need to do is get in touch with us so that we can take it from there.

Note that in order for our team to complete the cleaning we would need electricity, running hot water, and no personal belongings on-site.

Now, it’s time to walk you through your End of Tenancy Cleaning in Harrow – an efficient top-to-bottom cleaning which will transform your old home into brand new. Our team will arrive on-site fully equipped and will immediately start cleaning. We have designed this service as a non hourly-based which means that our cleaning technicians will stay as long as necessary in order to complete every task on their checklist.

The cleaning includes a top-to-bottom cleaning of all rooms – from hoovering and mopping the floors, hoovering any carpets/ rugs, dusting all surfaces, sanitizing the bathrooms, cleaning all appliances, cleaning cabinets/ cupboards inside and out, removing cobwebs to even cleaning doorknobs, light switches, faucets, etc.

In addition to this cleaning you will receive a 48-hour guarantee for a free reclean in case our team missed covering something.

End of Tenancy

Our Additional Services Come Discounted

In case you need us to pay extra attention to certain areas on the property, note that these services will be discounted:

Deep Cleaning The Oven

: includes removing any burnt food, greasy stains, build-up, and other impurities

Deep Cleaning The Carpets

: includes removing stains, dirty patches, etc.

Deep Cleaning The Upholstery

: includes removing dirty patches, stains, bad odour

Cleaning The Exterior Of The Windows

: includes cleaning the exterior of all windows on the property with special equipment