What Does Our End of Tenancy Cleaning In Hornsey Include?

We would love to assist you in your moving and make the whole process a bit easier and less of a hassle. After all, Monster Cleaning is the leading provider of End of Tenancy Cleaning In Hornsey and we have created a service that guarantees incredible results while still provides affordable prices. With over thousands of happy customers and over 14 years of experience, you can expect nothing but the best from our company and our experienced cleaners. Our team consists of professionals who know exactly what needs to be done in order to prepare any property for the final inspection – no matter its size or condition.

You can easily schedule a visit by giving us a call – our customer service agents will walk you through the service, give you a free quote, and book the appointment. We have a 7-days a week availability so you can schedule a visit even during the weekends.

Of course, our flexible schedule is not the only benefit to using our services. Our End of Tenancy Cleaning In Hornsey is not an hourly-based service, therefore, you will be able to save a ton of money because you won’t be charged by the hour. Instead, we calculate all quotes according to the size of the property only – and whenever our team arrives on-site, they will stay as long as needed. The service will be completed only after every room and area has been deep cleaned top-to-bottom and the property is prepared for the final inspection.

All cleaning supplies and detergents will be brought on-site by our team. They will also carry a special detailed checklist that is agency-approved and includes all tasks that must be completed. Examples include cleaning appliances, removing cobwebs, cleaning mirrors, windows internally, cupboards and wardrobes inside and out, hoovering upholstery and carpets, deep cleaning all bathrooms, and much more. We pay close attention to even the smallest details because the requirements for passing the final inspection are high. We will even clean the doorknobs and light switches!

Our End of Tenancy Cleaning In Hornsey comes with a 48-hour guarantee for a free reclean so you don’t have to worry about anything. The only things we kindly ask of you to ensure is that the property has electricity, running hot water, and zero personal belongings at the time of our visit. That way, our team will be able to properly perform the service and truly leave the property spotless.

Do You Need Additional Services?

You can book our Deep Carpet Cleaning if the caprets on-site aren’t in the best condition. We will make sure that all impurities are extracted and the carpets are spotless by applying hot water extraction.

You can book our Deep Upholstery Cleaning if the upholstery on-site isn’t in the best condition. We will eliminate all impurities such as dirt, dust, and even the bad odours so the upholstery is spotless by applying hot water extraction.

You can book our Deep Oven Cleaning if the oven on-site isn’t in the best condition and has accumulated build-up, greasy stains, and burnt food. We will get rid of all these impurities by disassembling the appliance and deep cleaning every part seperately.

You can book our Exterior Window Cleaning if you must present clean exterior of the windows during the final inspection. We will use water-fed poles to reach the exterior as well as apply purified water to achieve excellent results and a surface free of streaks and stains.