You Can Rely On Our End of Tenancy Cleaning In Hounslow

Planning a moving out can get stressful and it will consume a lot of your time which is why you can rely on our End of Tenancy Cleaning for the final inspection. We have years of experience and we will make sure you get back your deposit without any issues!

Don’t waste any more time – choose a date for your service and contact us, we will calculate an exact price for your cleaning and will fit you into our schedule. We work even on weekends, therefore, you aren’t limited to picking days only from the workweek.

Note that in order for our team to be able to clean the property we would need running hot water and electricity on-site!

When our team arrives on the property they will immediately start cleaning and they won’t leave until all rooms are spotless. They will carry all necessary equipment and detergents to ensure amazing results. Another benefit of our End of Tenancy Cleaning in Hounslow is the agency-approved checklist that our team follows. Once they cover every task on the list, they will give it to you.

Some things written include dusting all surfaces, hoovering carpets/ rugs, hoovering and mopping the floors, sanitizing the bathroom + removing limescale/ soap scum, cleaning all appliances, cleaning the interior and exterior of any cupboards/ drawers/ cabinets, etc.

As a part of our service, you will receive a 48-hour guarantee which means that we will send back our team to reclean the property for free if any issues occur.

End of Tenancy

Take Advantage Of Our Additional Services

Our End of Tenancy Cleaning is designed to ensure a spotless property but in some cases, an additional service is required. Are you wondering whether you need to book an additional service?

Carpet Cleaning

: book when the carpets on the property need to be deep cleaned (they have stains/ dirty patches/ haven’t been professionally cleaned in over a year).

Upholstery Cleaning

: book when the upholstered furniture on the property (mattress, sofa, curtains, etc.) need to be deep cleaned (they smell bad, have stains/ dirty patches/ discolouration).

Window Cleaning

: book when the exterior of the windows need to be cleaned (your landlord/ agency requires you to present clean exterior of all windows).

Oven Cleaning

: book when the oven on the property needs to be deep cleaned (the interior/ exterior has stubborn stains, grease, burnt food, build-up).

End of Tenancy Cleaning