What To Expect From Our End of Tenancy Cleaning In Kensington?

Usually, planning a moving out is overwhelming and chaotic due to the stress surrounding the final inspection and the deposit you want to get back. This is why you need to find a trustworthy company to prepare the property by deep cleaning every room. This task alone can be very time-consuming which is why our team can offer you amazing results and high-quality service!

We have designed our End of Tenancy Cleaning in Kensington for you so that you don’t have to worry about anything surrounding your moving out. We also work seven days a week so that you can book us even on weekends.

The only thing we would kindly ask of you is to ensure that there is electricity, running hot water, and no personal belongings on-site when it’s time for your service. That way our team would be able to provide the best results.

Now, let us walk you through your cleaning. Our team will arrive fully equipped with everything necessary to achieve a spotless property. They will also stay as long as necessary to cover each room since this service is not-hourly based.

Our teams’ supervisor will carry an agency-approved detailed checklist which will be given to you once the service is finished. All tasks that our team will perform are written on this list.

The cleaning is top-to-bottom and will cover every single room on the property. The floors will be hoovered and mopped, any carpets/ rugs will be hoovered, all appliances will be cleaned, the interior of all windows will be cleaned, any cupboards/ cabinets/ drawers will be cleaned both inside and out, the bathroom will be sanitized (limescale, soap scum will be removed), all faucets will be cleaned, etc.

In case you aren’t fully satisfied with the service, we will provide you with a 48-hour guarantee for a free reclean!

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Should You Combine This Cleaning With Any Additional Services?

As you probably know, some properties will require an extra deep clean which is not a part of the standard End of Tenancy Service.

If you are wondering whether you need to book any additional services:

Should You Book Our Additional Carpet Cleaning?

In our End of Tenancy Cleaning, our team will hoover all carpets and rugs present on the property, however, in case there are stains or dirty patches – a deep cleaning should be booked. We will use special equipment to extract all the impurities with steam.

Should You Book Our Additional Window Cleaning?

In our End of Tenancy Cleaning, our team will clean the interior of all windows on the property, however, if you need the exterior to be cleaned as well – book this service! Our team will bring special equipment with which they would be able to reach the exterior.

Should You Book Our Additional Oven Cleaning?

In our End of Tenancy Cleaning, our team will perform a domestic level cleaning on all appliances – including the oven, however, if the oven is covered in greasy stains, build-up, burnt food, etc. – book this service! Our team will disassemble all removable parts and soak them in powerful detergents. Then they will scrub the interior and exterior of the appliance. Once they are done deep cleaning it, all removable parts will be put back together and the oven will be tested whether it works properly!

Should You Book Our Additional Upholstery Cleaning?

If the upholstered furniture on the property smells bad or has stains/ dirty patches on the surface then book this service.Our team will steam clean the upholstery and will extract all the impurities so that it’s ready for the final inspection!

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