Your Reliable End of Tenancy Cleaning In Kingston upon Thames

Our mission is to transform the property you are moving out of by deep cleaning it. We will make sure that it’s prepared for the final inspection so that you can get back your deposit without any issues! We want to provide you with a smooth experience and limit your worries to zero!

Once you contact us, we will calculate the exact price for your service. We will also walk you through the service. A very important thing you need to keep in mind is that in order to provide our End of Tenancy Cleaning in Kingston upon Thames we would need the following:

  • running hot water
  • electricity
  • no personal belongings on the property
  • a defrosted fridge

We work seven days a week, therefore, you can choose to book your cleaning even on Saturdays or Sundays!

On the day of your appointment, our team will arrive on-site with all required equipment and detergents. They will deep clean every room – top-to-bottom without missing the smallest detail.

They will sanitize the bathrooms and remove soap scum, limescale, water stains, disinfect toilets/ bathtubs, clean all appliances, hoover and mop the floors, hoover any carpets/ rugs, clean the interior of the windows, clean faucets, light switches, doorknobs, clean cupboards/ cabinets inside and out, remove cobwebs, and so much more!

And because we don’t want our team to miss anything, we have a special detailed checklist which they follow strictly. Of course, once they complete everything on it, the list will be given to you so that you can see exactly what was cleaned.

Our service also comes with a 48-hour guarantee for a reclean!

Our Discounted Additional Services:

Carpet Cleaning:

 ideal when there are stains or/ and dirty patches on the carpets present in the property. Our team will use hot water extraction to get rid of all impurities.

Oven Cleaning:

 ideal when the oven on the property has grease stains, build-up, burnt food, etc. Our team will deep clean the interior and exterior.

Upholstery Cleaning:

 ideal when the upholstered furniture on the property has dirty patches, discolouration and stains or smells bad. Our team will use steam cleaning to get rid of all impurities and bad odours.

Window Cleaning:

 ideal when the exterior of the windows on the property is dirty and requires to be cleaned as a part of the End of Tenancy Service.

End of Tenancy Cleaning