The High-Quality End of Tenancy Cleaning In Mottingham You Need

Planning on moving out of your old home? Well, congratulations on taking such a big step. We know that you are excited about opening a new chapter in your life but before you do that you need to deal with a few important things, one of which is the final inspection. But don’t worry, our company has designed the perfect End of Tenancy Cleaning that can prepare any property by deep cleaning it so that you get back your deposit!

Sounds great, right? Start off with picking a date for your cleaning – we work seven days a week so you can choose even Sundays! Contact us and let our team gather information about the property and calculate the price for your service.

Note that in order to perform our high-quality End of Tenancy Cleaning in Mottingham, our team would need a few things on-site:

  • running hot water
  • no personal belongings
  • a previously defrosted fridge
  • electricity

Once it’s time for your service, our team will bring any equipment and detergents they need. They will be punctual and will stay as long as needed in order to cover every room on the property.

This cleaning is top-to-bottom so no areas will be missed. The supervisor will also carry a detailed checklist containing cleaning tasks for every room. It’s agency-approved and will be provided to you once everything on the list has been covered!

If you want to see a small portion of the checklist:

  • dusting all surfaces
  • hoovering floors
  • mopping floors
  • hoovering rugs/ carpets
  • cleaning all appliances
  • cleaning the interior of windows
  • removing cobwebs
  • sanitizing the bathrooms
  • cleaning cabinets/ cupboards inside and out

Another benefit of our service is the 48-hour guarantee for a free reclean we offer!

End of Tenancy

What About Additional Services?

As you know, the requirements for passing a final inspection are very high which is why in some cases, an additional service should be booked.

All of our additional services are considered a “deep clean” and will completely transform the object you want us to pay attention to.

Oven Cleaning

This service should be booked when the oven on the property hasn’t been cleaned in over a year or is covered in build-up, greasy stains, burnt food, etc.

Upholstery Cleaning

This service should be booked when the upholstery on the property looks dull, has stains/ dirty patches, or has a bad odour.

Carpet Cleaning

This service should be booked when the carpets on the property have dirty patches and stains on them.

Window Cleaning

This service should be booked when the exterior of the windows need to be cleaned.

End of Tenancy Cleaning